New Year, New Road

Who: Jason Lee and Issac Hicks

Title: General Sales Manager (Lee) and the Bentley Brand Manager (Hicks)

Where: OpenRoad Northwest

Mantra: “We pride ourselves in how we treat everyone who walks through the door. We want people to feel welcome, even the people who stop by and can’t buy our cars and just want to come dream.”

A vehicle means something different to everyone, and in today’s world, the possibilities are endless and vary with each person’s dreams and goals. For many, a luxury car is at the top of the bucket list, and OpenRoad Northwest can help make that dream a reality. They are the largest supercar destination in the Pacific Northwest, and house four ultra-luxury brands at their showroom (Bentley, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars).

With over 18 years of auto industry experience, Jason Lee and Isaac Hicks are proud to represent brands that are the best in the world. “OpenRoad has been one the best companies to work for in Canada for many years and now they have their first footprint in the US, and starting from the ground up with the company is a challenge I look forward to,” says Hicks. Lee brings years of customer service and building relationships and prides himself with transparency and open communication. “I want to be the first person a customer calls for advice on purchasing a car even if it is not from me,” says Lee. 

“At OpenRoad, we believe in the possibilities of a limitless future, whether it be new experiences, the freedom of choice, or the evolution of human mobility.”

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