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Indulge Your Stylish Side This Holiday Season with Jewel-Tone Dresses, Platform Heels and Show-Stopping Outerwear

Article by Annie Abbott, Founder of Anne Townsend

Photography by Carina Skrobecki

Originally published in Bellevue Lifestyle

This holiday season is all about me. And it should be all about you, too.

Once a year something magical happens; we gather with everyone we know and love to revel in the joy of the most wonderful time of year.

For this occasion, I want to look and feel my very best. Cue the facials, nail appointments and extra Pilates. I’m telling you, I take this more seriously than my summer body!

I start considering what holiday engagements I’ll attend (or hope to be invited to!) as soon as October hits. What do I want to wear, who do I want to be? Or perhaps, what impression do I want to have on a new group of people? 

This year, the answer is confident with a big scoop of fabulous on top.

Make yourself—and your style—a priority throughout the holidays. Feel inspired by jewel-tone gowns, gold platform heels, wine-colored sequin dresses, suede pants and show-stopping outerwear. Take it to the next level with classic accessories: diamonds and pearls.

Consider yourself approved to go as big as you want as 2019 comes to a close.

–Annie Abbott, style consultant, founder of Anne Townsend

Sweet, sweet style. 

Indulge your stylish side.

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