Celebrate Sweet with a Valentine's Day Lunch

Crepes Tea House

Celebrate Valentine's Day sweet with lunch at Crepes Tea House in Southwick, MA. I love hole in the wall restaurants and hidden gems, and this is one of them. Walking in, the atmosphere was relaxed and the staff was so kind. We were in the mood for a sweet yet savory meal and both were covered. We left full, satisfied, and happy. It was the perfect Valentine's Day lunch!

As an appetizer we split the Pelmeni Dumplings with chicken, beef, mushrooms and onions. The dumplings were so delicious the next day we ordered some for a snack. They came with a garlic sour cream sauce into which I dipped everything. It was so good, I could not stop eating it.

Next was the main meal. We decided on the Big Stuffed Pepper with chicken, rice, vegetables and melted cheese on top. I was amazed at how large the peppers were when they arrived at the table. They were picture-perfect. Each bite I dipped into the garlic sour cream and before I knew it, we finished the entire plate.

On to dessert. I was very excited when I saw the crepe I ordered came colored pink - perfect for Valentine's Day! My crepe consisted of cream cheese, honey, and strawberries. It was as though I was dreaming every foodies' dream, it was so scrumptious and the cream cheese was so puffy, my mouth was watering with every fork full. 

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