5 Simple Ways to Improve Anxiety

Article by Bria Jones

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I have been pretty open on Instagram about my struggles with anxiety and in doing so, a lot of you have reached out for more tips on what has worked for me. For me, anxiety comes in waves and more frequently during certain times of the year. I have been prescribed medication and I made the decision to stop because I felt like a zombie. I wanted to look into natural alternatives that didn’t affect my personality.

Anxiety happens to the best of us, and it’s totally normal if you feel it too. What’s not normal is shutting down, feeling like you can’t function, and allowing it to consume you. If you get to these points, please go seek professional help. I’m no doctor; this is only my experience and what has worked for me.

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1. Work Out

As you might know from the Instagram stories, I have a personal trainer from The Tuf Club. When I started I had more mental health goals for myself than physical and I was determined to use these workouts to alleviate stress. Go in with the intention that you are leaving the negativity in the gym and coming out better. On my off days, I do things like barre, yoga and Pilates. It’s a great counter to my intense personal training and also great for clearing my mind.

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2. 8 Hours of Restful Sleep

Not just any 8 hours. Power your phone down an hour or more before bed, do your night routine and drink that "calming tea.". Creating a night routine helps to signal to your body that it's time to shut down. If you're scrolling through Instagram before you close your eyes, chances are your mind won't be ready to shut down. AJ and I are even looking into buying a sunrise simulation alarm clock just so we can sleep with our phones outside of the room and so we aren’t tempted to even pick it up before we need to be awake.

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3. CBD + Hemp Products 

There are so many options with CBD these days. I really love a water soluble option when you can put a few drops in your drink and go about your day. For me, it really helps to take the edge off with stress but keeps you functional. I also am obsessed with Liposomal Hemp Actives which is a fast, effective option if you need immediate relief. It even helps if you’re trying to fight off a bad hangover!

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4. To-Do List

I really believe that anxiety stems from not having a plan. It's all the "gotta do this" ideas floating around your head. It could be anything from laundry to content creation for a brand. I write every "gotta do this" thought in my phone and come back to it when I am ready to execute. It's also very satisfying to delete it out your phone once you've completed it!

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5. Pray + Meditate

Shutting my mind up has been hard. I try to make time every day to just be in the present moment and be genuinely thankful for the stillness. The email can wait. The text can wait. Just be present and run through a few things you are thankful for 5-10 minutes. I like to play this while I close my eyes and focus on breathing and visualizing my goals. I even journal to get before bed to just do a brain dump and it works wonders!

OK, loves—I hope this gets you motivated to tackle whatever anxiety is in your way! Just know you are not alone in the fight and there are many people going through the same thing. You can always DM me privately on Instagram to chat further on these things. If you get a chance to try any of these options, let me know in the comments how it worked for you or share something that I didn’t list so others can try!

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