At Champagne Apothecary, Skin Care and Self-Care

A sit-down with proprietor, Amber Champagne-Matos

Amber Champagne-Matos is passionate about skin care. An esthetician, licensed in California and Massachusetts, she founded her skin care and self-care business, Champagne Apothecary, in 2019 in Huntington Beach, CA. In February of 2022, she moved the business to Westfield, MA, where she has added to her list of devoted clients.

Amber’s skincare journey began after she noticed changes in her skin when she was pregnant with her son, who is now 17.

“I had never had problems with my skin and suddenly, I got cystic acne, and no one could help me,’’ Amber recalls.

Her skin problems led Amber to study for her esthetician’s license so she could figure out what was going on with her skin. Studying, researching and experimenting with ingredients has given Amber knowledge about which ingredients work best for each skin type.

Just three months after opening her store in Westfield, Amber launched ETHYST®, her own skincare line that was three-years in the making. ETHYST® products address aging skin and hormonal issues, such as, but not limited to, acne. Hormonal acne and signs of aging often occur at the same time, causing what Amber calls The Midlife Skin Crisis©, which can affect women from 30 to 70 and older.

Amber explains that a lot of anti-aging products are too heavy for younger women dealing with The Midlife Skin Crisis©, and products designed for acne can be too harsh and can contribute to aging of the skin. In formulating the ETHYST® line, Amber found ingredients that don’t damage the skin.

“There’s nothing quite like it on the market,” she says.

There are multiple reasons why Amber chose the name ETHYST®.  Derived from the back half of Amethyst - her late father's birthstone - the name is an homage to the strong business mentor and role model he was to her.  

The font in the logo on the skin care products starts out light and progresses to bold, symbolizing that you will see progress and results when you use the products. Finally, the 's’ and the 't' at the end, which are the boldest letters, stand for skin therapy.

You can find ETHYST® products at Champagne Apothecary, the newest woman-owned business on School Street – next-door neighbors are Be Bella and Hilltown Chic – making this string of shops a retail trifecta for shoppers in downtown Westfield. The products are also available online at

While Amber no longer offers facials, she does offer virtual skin care consultations to help people far and wide overcome their skin challenges with her Virtual Skin Health Transformation Sessions. She has already helped hundreds of people across the country with their skin.

“If you want a full understanding of what’s going on underneath it all, I recommend a virtual consultation – it’s an in-depth consultation, Amber says.

“I just want people to know that there is hope. There are products out there – ETHYST® being one of them – that can help. Don’t throw in the towel, because you can get the results you want.”

Champagne Apothecary

38 School Street, Westfield  413-579-5077

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