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Our Mission is to inspire YOU to live a happier and healthier life in the place we all call home. We hope to do this by being a hub for our community, bringing you unparalleled access to local businesses and personal stories with every issue. Check them out!

  • Topeka City Lifestyle 2023-12
    December 2023

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  • Our Picks to Pay it Forward

    Being thankful for what we have, and giving back to those in need is important all-year round, and particularly during the holidays. We love our community and want to support our people and organizations in as many ways as we can, so join us in paying it forward with these local opportunities.

  • Our Picks for Foods to Feast On

    Our community is brimming with incredible food and drinks to indulge in and we’ve selected some of our picks that you must experience for yourself. Bon appetit and cheers!

  • Our Picks for The Style Scene

    Everyone loves a closet refresh and stylish scene, so we’ve rounded up some of our picks for the most sophisticated and fashionable destinations that will have you feeling renewed as well as ready for the camera.

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Message from the Publisher

Mission: To celebrate the good and positive in Topeka, KS.

Goal: Tell beautiful and wonderful stories of our rich past and present.

Inspiriation: "Topeka Pen and Camera Sketches" by Miss Mary E. Jackson. She says it best in her book from 1890, "I have endeavored, in placing this book before the public, to give to strangers some knowledge of our 'Golden City', and to present something of interest to our own citizens as well."

Feedback: I hear time and again with amazement, "I didn't know that was in Topeka!".

My Hope: Our stories will inspire all Topekans to be proud of where they live.