5 Tips to Create the Perfect Fall Tablescape

Impress Guests with a Beautiful and Inviting Table

Article by Lanie Draper

With temperatures finally dropping and the holidays around the corner, it’s time to start gearing up for fall decor! Here are our 5 tips to create the perfect fall tablescape.

Impress Guests with a Beautiful and Inviting Table! 

  • Select your Color Scheme
  • Bring in the Green
  • Layer Up
  • Add Texture
  • Bring the Outdoors In

Select Your Color Scheme 

  • fall-tablescape-1-300?v=1

Are you drawn to vibrant or muted colors? Well, whichever direction you prefer, make sure this is the first thing you decide when preparing to create your perfect fall tablescape.

Personally, I’m drawn to muted shades.  Muted colors feel cozy and add the perfect amount of warmth without making my house feel like it’s on color overload. I reuse tea light glass jars and change up my candles seasonally.  This year, I was drawn to the color burgundy.

Bring in the Green

Nothing says fall like beautiful foliage! When we saw these olive branches at our local florist we knew we had to have them for our fall tablescape.  They are large enough to make the center of the table feel full without being overcrowded.  Another reason I love a full and centerpiece is that it won’t obstruct the view of your guests.

  • fall-tablescape-2-300?v=1

Layer Layer Layer

Just like your fall wardrobe layers are key here! Especially here in the midwest!  Our layers on this tablescape began with a scalloped charger, and from there we added the robin egg plate, smokey blue napkin, leather tie and cinnamon stick.

  • fall-tablescape-3-300?v=1

Texture and Pattern

Bring in texture and pattern. We did this by selecting a dinner plate with a little more pop than just your average white plate.

  • fall-tablescape-4-300?v=1

Bring the Outdoors In

The absolute best thing about the fall season (at least in Kansas) is that it’s finally enjoyable to be outside! Not that I collected them (wink wink!), but we brought the outdoors in by adding antlers and olive branches.

  • fall-tablescape-5-300?v=1

We hope these five tips help you create the most beautiful fall tablescape!

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