Café Crawl

A fun way to explore our community and support local businesses is to embark on a cafe crawl. Gather your coffee buddy and hit a few coffee shops you’ve been meaning to visit. Order a seasonal beverage—and maybe a pastry or two—have a seat and soak up each unique vibe. Continue on to local bookstores, which may have cafes of their own, or visit a few bakeries to see what they offer.

  1. Photo By: DoubleShot Coffee Company

    DoubleShot Coffee Co


    You can enjoy DoubleShot Coffee Co's high-quality coffee experience at their downtown location or let them help you enhance your home brew. 

  2. Photo By: Triangle Coffee Roasters

    Triangle Coffee


    Triangle Coffee Roasters bring coffee and light food options to a comfortable downtown atmosphere. 

  3. Photo By: Foolish Things Coffee Company

    Foolish Things Coffee Company


    Coffee for a common good!  Foolish Things Coffee Company strives to provide excellent quality coffee to enjoy, so that through conversation, humanity might be restored. 

  4. Photo By: Laurannae Baking Co

    Laurannae Baking Co


    Visit Laurannae Baking Co in Tulsa or Broken Arrow for coffee, baked goods, gifts, and one of the best (and biggest) chocolate chip cookies around. 

  5. Photo By: Notion Espresso

    Notion Espresso


    Visit Notion Espresso for an upscale, artistic coffee experience complete with three different types of avocado toast. 

  6. Photo By: Felizsta



    Felizsta, located in Mother Road Market, offers a variety of traditional Mexican cookies handmade from scratch. 

  7. Photo By: Sugar Llamas

    Sugar Llamas


    If you're looking for something decadent, check out Sugar Llamas. They've got coffee, ice cream, and mini donuts topped with the drizzles of your choice. 

  8. Photo By: Sweets & Cream

    Sweets & Cream


    Sweets & Cream is another great place to go for decadent treats. Plus, they give back! Their tips for charity program benefits local nonprofits. 

  9. Photo By: Cricket & Fig Chocolate

    Cricket & Fig Chocolate


    The café, Cricket & Fig, mostly known for its gourmet chocolates and desserts, also makes some of the best Italian coffee Tulsa has to offer.

  10. Photo By: Topeca Coffee

    Topeca Coffee


    Check out one of Topeca Coffee's three locations for a classic latte, a quick espresso, or a simple pourover.