Great Family Photo Shoot Locations

Family photo shoots create memorable experiences and keepsakes. Choosing a location and a photographer can also accentuate that experience. Whether you are drawn to a more traditional backdrop or interested in a unique and off the beaten path locale, this is our guide to great family photo shoots.

  1. Photo By: Coal Creek Farm Jenks

    Coal Creek Farms Jenks


    Coal Creek Farm Jenks makes for a great family photoshoot setting with 15 acres of beautiful land, a creek, and a barn. 

  2. Photo By: Philbrook Museum of Art

    Philbrook Museum of Art


    The Philbrook Museum of Art's gardens are a staple for photography in Tulsa. The landscaping is stunning!

  3. Photo By: Dream Point Ranch

    Dream Point Ranch


    The family-owned Dream Point Ranch offers both outdoor and indoor photography. Its wooded areas would be perfect for fall family photos. 

  4. Photo By: City of Tulsa

    Tulsa Preservation Commission


    Downtown Tulsa's art deco buildings and character-filled facades will give you a family photo that stands apart!

  5. Photo By: Tulsa Garden Center

    Tulsa Garden Center


    You can't go wrong with family photos at Woodward Park. It has a variety of backdrops, with trees, open spaces, rocky areas, and vivid flowers. 

  6. Photo By: Tulsa Botanic Garden

    Tulsa Botanic Garden


    The Tulsa Botanic Garden is another great location for greenery-filled family photos. Its a fun family outing on its own, too!

  7. Photo By: Tulsa Tours

    The Tulsa Arts District


    For a Tulsa-themed photoshoot, take your family to the Tulsa Arts District. The vibrant murals and view of downtown will make your photos unique. 

  8. Photo By: Chandler Park

    Chandler Park


    Chandler Park is a popular, free family photo spot. Stop by the community center while you're there! 

  9. Photo By: Riverwalk Tulsa

    Riverwalk Crossing


    Take family photos with a view of the water and the Tulsa skyline at Riverwalk Tulsa. 

  10. Photo By: Steven Armstrong

    Skiatook Lake Fishing Guides(Fish On Guide Service)


    Skiatook Lake is a great sport for lake-loving families. The sunsets over the glassy water on a calm evening are beautiful!