Did Someone Say Sprinkles?

Iconic Potomac Village Ice Cream Shop Marks 30th Anniversary with Old Favorites and New Surprises

Whoever said, “I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream,” has never been to Sprinkles, the iconic Potomac Village shop that has been fulfilling the community’s ice cream dreams for 30 years. Visitors to Sprinkles experience a treat for the senses, but there is a distinct lack of screaming. It's mostly happiness and smiles, actually—and no shortage of giggling.

With a menu of bagels, smoothies, candies, pies, doughnuts and more, Sprinkles is actually an ice cream shop plus a bakery and candy store.

While Sprinkles makes its own frozen yogurt, the ice cream is from Thomas Sweet and Hershey. A new line of vegan ice cream is coming soon, and the shop offers some non-dairy products such as sorbet. Sugar cones at Sprinkles are certified gluten-free. The Sprinkles crew uses organic ingredients for the smoothies and some other products, and they use local sources whenever possible.

“We source from local farms, dairies, candy distributors and creameries as much as possible,” says Courtney Spaeth, CEO and co-owner of Sprinkles.

So, when customers see new summer flavors like watermelon and peach on the Sprinkles menu this month, they can be sure they’re eating real fruit.  

Courtney’s husband, Jon, is also an owner of Sprinkles, as is Sharon Gubinsky, who also serves as CFO. The Spaeths' daughter, Erica, is one of the store managers. This new ownership team bought the store earlier this year.

“All prices and products have stayed the same,” Courtney says. “We have added. We haven’t subtracted. Sprinkles is an institution even though there is new ownership.”

One of the additions to the store is the retail area where shoppers find one-of-a-kind birthday cards, decorations, candles and other party supplies.

“It’s super popular,” Courtney says.  

As a dog-friendly establishment, Sprinkles welcomes canine visitors and even provides dog-safe ice cream treats. And Sprinkles is a responsible steward of the environment.

“We try as much as possible to use all paper and plastic that is recyclable, including spoons, and some things are biodegradable,” Courtney says.

Sprinkles is also a popular caterer at corporate, community and private events.

“It is important for any business owner to participate in the locality,” Courtney says. “We sponsor a lot of community events, from regional schools to senior centers. We need to be citizens of our community. We have a social conscience, and any business owner nowadays that doesn’t is out of touch." 

Sprinkles gives to and works with the veterans service organization Hope for the Warriors, the Katherine Thomas School Treatment and Learning Center and more.

“The three owners [of Sprinkles] are very committed and excited to be in the business and are working hard to make sure that it stays as fun as it has always been,” Courtney says.

And that is nothing to scream at.

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