'Kindness is a Superpower!'

Venkat Teens Show How Kids Can Make a Difference

Kids feeling bored because “there’s nothing to do?” Introduce them to the Venkats. Teen sisters Shreyaa (16) and Esha (14) Venkat co-founded NEST4US to inspire kids to feed the needy, foster volunteerism and spread kindness. As they say on their Facebook page, “Kindness is a Superpower!” Here they offer tips to make your volunteering impactful.

5 Volunteering Tips:

1. Find something you’re passionate about. “Volunteering should come from the heart and not be about just racking up hours.” NEST4US helps teens “dip their toes in different pools of community service and find a volunteer activity they are truly passionate about.”

2. Believe in yourself as a change agent. “Youth is the hope of the future! Empowering our generation to get involved in making the world better through kindness and community service will bring positive change.”

3. Work with others. “Collaboration is a key element of our organization and has helped us achieve great success.” Working with others also builds leadership and teamwork, skills that help you excel throughout your life.

4. Be relentless. “We are driven to keep spreading our message about kindness and volunteering across various communities so more youth become involved. This determination makes us successful.”

5. Don’t hog the spotlight. Both have won many community service awards (from even the governor of Virginia!), but recognition isn’t the point. Esha quotes Anna Fisher, a NASA astronaut she met at a STEM event: “Work hard in silence; let your success be your noise.” (Notice how many other people are featured on their Facebook page.)

Want to “make some noise,” in your community? Visit, NEST4US on Facebook or check out Loudoun Cares’ Volunteer Center to find a way to share your time and talents at

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