Better Versions of Themselves

Potomac Rejuvenation Center helps men optimize their life

Eric North knows a guy who used to be exhausted tending to his large yard and later, found the same yard-work to be easy, as he jokingly complained that his custom shirts no longer fit his newly muscular physique. In fact, Eric North knows a lot of guys like that guy. They’re his clients at Potomac Rejuvenation Center where Eric’s team helps “people feel better, live better and take care of themselves better to reach a state of optimization,” he said.

The Center focuses on men’s testosterone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction therapy, peptide growth hormone treatment, the administration of protein and vitamin supplements and SARMS (selective androgen receptor modulators), plus lab testing. Although most of the Center’s clients are men, they also treat women with growth hormone peptides.  

Eric is the founder and owner of the Center, but clients are seen and treated by Dr. Kirt Tyson, N.M.D.  Mike Skinner serves as the patient care coordinator while Eric runs the business.

Eric said, “Our safe, medically supervised program helps you live your very best life. My experienced team of colleagues and I will be alongside you every step of the way.”

A hormone imbalance in men can be mis-diagnosed as depression or just "getting older.” Eric said, “With good medically supervised therapy, patients can expect improvements in strength, energy, brain focus/fog, cardiovascular health and a higher percentage of lean muscle/less body fat, and improved bone density, mood, outlook, drive and ambition.”


Human Growth Hormone (HGH) helps maintain tissues and organs throughout a person’s lifetime and is often key to slowing down the natural aging process.  

Bioidentical hormone replacements are molecular copies of hormones that naturally occur within the body.

Testosterone replacement therapy can help keep testosterone levels within a normal range to increase energy lessen other symptoms.

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