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 3 Beaches with Rich Food + Culture


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

The beach is incredible, but one of my favorite things about going to a beach in a different country is also getting an entirely different cultural experience and trying new foods. You can make your own luxurious "beach" trip at home by taking the cultural elements and combining them with some relaxation in your backyard. Check out these articles for food recipes and information on the art and culture in each of these three places!

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1. Bali

Ah, beautiful Bali. If you want to do something fun and unique for your family this weekend, try making a fake vacation to Bali at home. You don't need a real beach to live like you're at one. Grab some beach towels, cook up some delicious Balinese meals, and eat outside on your patio furniture with your fam bam.

2. Crete

"If there was one word to describe the Greek island of Crete, it would be "diverse." Sandy beaches hide among soaring mountains, palm tree forests grow in the middle of sprawling plains, bustling modern cities share coastlines with centuries-old structures. And speaking of cities — in Crete, they reflect the people that came before. The streets are lined with architecture mirroring the styles of the Minoans, the Venetians and the Ottomans, as well as contemporary Greeks. Despite the visible contradictions, this island maintains a sense of unity, felt whenever you step onto the street, dine at a local taverna, or enjoy a glass of raki at a sidewalk café."

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3. Tahiti

"Leafy forests sit beside sandy shores, French crêpes are served alongside Tahitian poisson cru (raw fish). If there ever was a place that embodies the beautiful duality of the French Polynesian archipelago, it's Tahiti."

U.S. News

While your backyard certainly isn't a leafy forest next to sandy shores, you can still use a little bit of creativity and make your own Tahitian experience at home. Here are some ideas!