8 Products To Make Earth Day Every Day

We believe Earth Day should be every day! In order to help make that happen, we put together a list of some of our favorite products you probably didn’t know were “green.” Whether you are looking for a gift for someone else or a little something for yourself, check out these items that are helping to make a positive impact on our world.


You can find a complete line of eco-conscious, luxury swimwear for women at They also have an eco-friendly collection of machine-washable, multipurpose masks that can be worn three ways: as a face mask, neck scarf, or headband!


ECOFREAKS produces quality travel hand sanitizers. Their cute mascots make their products kid friendly too. ECOFREAKS is dedicated to cleanliness and partners with eco-friendly nonprofits. The automatic sanitizer dispenser for your car is genius!

3.     HMNKIND

HMNKIND face masks are 99.9% antibacterial and prevent 99.9% of UV rays. They use recyclable materials in the product and packaging, give 10% of all sales to Color of Change, and donate masks to essential workers. 

4.     Earth Baby

Earth Baby’s products are perfect for families with new babies! They are nontoxic, gentle, and effective on baby skin, hair, and body. Plus, their kits are packed in recycled canvas bags that parents can reuse for anything!

5.     Viva La Silk

Viva La Silk is a Black-owned business founded by artist and mother My-Cherie. Her Silky Scrunchie is a scrunchie and scarf. They are 100% silk and made from repurposed and upcycled fabric from their line of scarves, kimonos, and wrap pants.

6.     Lucyd Lyte

Combine two products and cut down the waste! Lucyd Lyte are new lightweight Bluetooth-enabled sunglass frames. You can make hands-free calls, listen to your music on the go, and more! Plus, with every frame sold, a pair of high-quality optical frames is donated to kids who need them.

7.     Believe Diapers

The new eco-friendly and charitable brand, Believe Diapers, has crafted products from the highest quality and sustainable responsibly sourced materials. They will donate one pack of diapers for every pack sold and also donate one million diapers to Good+ Foundation.  

8.     Lights4fun

Launching this spring, Lights4fun encourages everyone to use solar powered lighting.  It helps you move toward a more sustainable, renewable way of life. Plus, solar lights entirely run and look after themselves!

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