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Article by Gretchen Grey

Photography by Gretchen Grey

In 2015 when David Mendonsa built his first two-story deck and tree house around a 100-year-old grandfather oak tree in his back yard with his best friend Andrew, he thought it would be a great weekend project for "the boys" and a fun thing for his kids to enjoy. Fast forward four years after moving to Atlanta deciding to leave corporate America, he was then faced with the decision on the next step in his career. Not sure what he wanted to do, he soul searched on what he loved. It didn't take long for him to determine building beautiful outdoor spaces for families to enjoy was something that continued to come to mind.

In 2019 David opened Archedeck of Lawrenceville. In the past two years, David, along with his team of highly skilled carpenters, Archadeck of Lawrenceville, has transformed homes and commercial spaces all over the perimeter of Atlanta and in the heart of the city. No project is too big for what this team brings to the table: decks, porches, pergolas, outdoor kitchens. We caught up with David for a few minutes to ask him what he enjoys most about being a business owner and why he loves what he does. 

"In some ways, I feel like owning my own business allows me to build and invest in something that I could pass down to my children if any of them wanted to follow in my footsteps. It goes without saying that as much as it is a lot of pressure and never-ending, it allows me to spend time around my children that just wasn't possible with my corporate job. I can sit in my kitchen working on building permits while my 2-year-old sits next to me watching Cocomelon on YouTube. There is something really special about that. Joy and satisfaction is also the feeling I get when we finish a project for my clients. I know each time we have just given them a space to enjoy and spend quality time with their families. Knowing how important my children and family are to me, it brings me so much joy to know I got to be apart of my customers' lives by creating outdoor living and increasing the value of their home when they get ready to sell."

If you have questions about an outdoor project or live in the Atlanta area and want to add an outdoor space to your home, please reach out to David at

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