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An Ode to the Delicacies of Detroit 

Article by Stacy Conde

Photography by Stacy Conde & provided

As a new Detroit area resident, I have been on a mission to discover the coffee, cocktails and bakeries that can replace my beloved Los Angeles haunts. What I've found is an incredible assortment of fantastic people creating inspired products that rival any other city's offerings. First up: to-go cocktails, coffee and the best baguette.

Cocktails at Home

I have never before offered "thanks" to legislators, but I'm going to go ahead and make this a first. Take-out cocktails are one of the handful of silver linings to this whole pandemic mess. The pivot to allow bars and restaurants to offer to-go cocktails not only helped to boost business for them but also provided a blissful bonus for us. The genie is out of the bottle. They can't take this away from us now. The options are many. These top the list. From left to right below: Grey Ghost Detroit, The Last Word, Detroit City Distillery.

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The Perfect Baguette

This is important. There are bread shaped things that pretend to be baguettes and then there's the real deal. Ochre Bakery is the hands-down winner in this category. This baguette has a crispy, crunchy outside and air pocket filled, chewy inside with the just-right amount of flavor. It's perfect. Their olive fougasse is also first class.

In addition to baking the best baguette, Ochre's prepared food (hummus, dips and salads) are often all vegan as are many of their sweet treats. Their menu is created with seasonal, organic products that are sourced locally.

The local market feel is rounded out with a selection of local produce and hand made ceramics. From salad greens and bone broth to almond croissants and Astro Coffee (right next door), all you need for your weekly shop is right here.

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If it's not at least "good" (preferably "excellent"), is it really worth drinking? How many times have you consumed a terrible cup of coffee on a road trip because there was no other option? Bad coffee should be illegal. Luckily in Detroit, there is an abundance of legit coffee shops serving locally roasted beans that are bursting with rich flavor.


These guys have some of the best and most unique beans in town. The precision preparation is a sight to behold and the flavor is next-level delicious. Founder Josh Longsdorf opened Anthology's new sprawling, industrial home base in the Eastern Market in 2019, after starting at Ponyride in 2012.

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