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Valentine's Day French Delights!


Article by Ana Meyer

Photography by Chatham + Short Hills Lifestyle & Provided

Fleur De Sel has done it again! They have created an amazing, colorful, and delicious collection of desserts to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. Located in Chatham, New Jersey, owner Patricia, carefully plans and designs these delightful treats for her French bistro and bakery. French desserts are usually made of custard cream and fruits, and some include fresh fruits from strawberries to exotic mangos and of course chocolate delights in a variety of sizes, creaminess and even homemade French chocolate bars that are gluten free. 

You cannot say you are an authentic “French Bakery” with out offering, freshly made, France’s famous and signature macarons! French macarons are typically made with two almond base colorful cookies, with flavored ganache or jam sandwiched in between. Typically, you will find chocolate, pistachios, and berry flavors to name a few. Patricia offers these, as well as unique, freshly made seasonal macarons, that are worth the trip for any day and every season! 

Here is the variety available from full size to single serve individual sizes below. Please make sure to place your order in advance to make sure you get your Valentine or yourself, the fresh French Valentine’s Day treats from Fleur De Sel. Call (973) 507-9865 or stop by and see these delicious treats in person to place your order. 

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