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Morning Person?


Article by Tenisha Edwards

Photography by Tenisha Edwards

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Are you one of those rare Morning people who wake up extra early and full of energy? Well, I'm not a natural morning person.

As a busy real estate professional, we wear many hats and if you are not intentional about you life, and schedule It can quickly get out of control and overwhelming. Getting up early and getting being productive and not just being "BUSY"

Here are some things I did to become a morning person.

The first thing I did was change my mindset about getting up early. I thought about how much more I could achieve and feel more organized in the process.

The second thing was create a schedule, a morning routine and when it gets hard to get up early, I remember my why, what it is I'm trying to accomplish.

Every night, I write down the things I would like to accomplish in the morning and block off time to do just that.

Let some light in ... nothing tells your mind and body it's time to get up like natural light.

Move your body ... Your mood is so much better after you move.

eat something healthy ... for me it's a glass full of goodness and energy. Fruit and veggie juice first thing in the morning is just what's needed to start the day.

I love to start the day with something I love, some-days it's music or scripture and I always say some affirmations that I have posted on my wall.

After doing it over and over, before you know it ... it's your daily and you don't even thing about it anymore especially when you start crushing your goals and getting more done.