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Design Your Way to a Happier Home


Article by Chatham & Short Hills Lifestyle

Photography by Ethan Allen

If Covid 19 has brought anything to light, it is how important it is to create the spaces you've always wished for and keep putting off to do other things. Well it's time! My goal; refresh my home and make it a more peaceful, modern and up to date space filled with great energy...a "Zen, fun and playful space"!

Where do I start? Sabrina Mizerek, Design Sales Manager at Ethan Allen in Watchung, NJ and Certified Feng Shui Consultant and expert, had great design tips for me and I thought I'd share them with you! 

How do we create Zen? Zen simply means that you are present in the moment, "centered". Zen does not have to be an Asian design flair. It can be a harmonious traditional home or a modern flair with clean lines. Flow is also very important. Like your body moves naturally, the energy in your home needs to flow naturally as well. Making our home a haven to reconnect with wellness. We want to feel Good in our spaces.    

Tip #1. Clean Up.

Set the foundation and build from there. You should be organized and intentional. Remove the clutter and elements that "trigger" you subconsciously. Clutter creates "blockages" for good flow. Great advice and easy to do!  

Tip #2. Function.

Every Room should have a purpose. No multiple activities should take place. For example your family room should not be shared as a home office. If you share a home office space, divide it into sections where everyone gets their own space. I guess this means I need to take my treadmill (clothes hanger) out of my bedroom! ;)

Tip #3. Edit.

Less is more...for example, your artwork, colors in a room...they all have meaning. Getting a sofa that you really love, for example the Anderson sofa not just because you need to sit. Nick-knacks. It's o.k. to let go. Shift your energy in the right direction. Removing these things can have an impact in our lives' directional changes. Can you say garage sale? ;) 

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Tip #4. Colors.

A Zen home is a peaceful home but it doesn't have to be bland! Zen means soft, so establish your base with neutrals along with accents that make you happy. Colors effect how we feel!

1. Red: Fire, power and too much can be anger. 

2. Yellow: Energy, joy and focus.

3. Purple: Spiritual and royal.

4. Orange: Creativity and earth. 

5. Green: Expansion, growth and wood element.

6. Blue: Water, melancholy and introspection. 

Tip #5. Lighting.

It goes beyond a lamp or chandelier! Start off with your ceiling height. If you have low ceilings, your upright fixture will fill the room with light and "lift you up". New homes with high ceilings need to bring energy down to our level...a "human level". Lighting impacts our mood and how we feel in a space. You can "paint" with lighting and create meaningful spaces by selecting the right fixture for the right room!

Bringing it all together. Keep in mind the textures, woods and metals, flow, lighting, accessories, colors, soft goods (window treatments, pillows, bedding) need to work together to create a space you are happy with. 

I think we can all agree that when all of these things come together, a house becomes more than a home. It transforms itself into a peaceful retreat that we can fill with great memories, with those that we love and matter most. 

I think I will start with their Ethan Allen, EAinHome App, which inserts in real time, design pieces into my home...virtually! If that’s not enough, Ethan Allen Watchung has talented designers who can help me.

I say "Happy home! Happy life!" or "Zen home, Zen life!'