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Who's Who in San Antonio


Article by Britney Newman

Photography by Martha Istueta, Marcus Perelman, Jason Carmony

I’ve worked with Grashuss Arie Walker on several occasions and I am absolutely astounded by her talents. She is a jack of all trades. Modeling like Tyra Banks and dancing her heart out like her favorite dancer Shawn Lew. Also, she is  proficient in different dance styles. I’ve seen her growth and have an appreciation for her work ethic. She is a go getter and never stops. She exudes confidence and ambition and her resume confirms that. Grashuss loves (K-pop) Korean Pop. And the video below is from the Lab Dance Convention. Dance classes are on hold due to Covid-19 most studios have been closed since March for classes. She will be teaching HipHop all ages at Nomadic Dance Studio September 2020. She will be teaching Jazz classes on Tuesdays and HipHop on Thursdays at La Rumba Dance Studio starting September 2020. Grashuss’ parents supports her in everything she does. Her parents are her back bone. 

Her Bio

Grashuss Walker has been dancing for almost 16 years which started at the age of 3. She started dancing at Dorothy Keck Dance Studio training in ballet, tap, pointe, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and contemporary. She auditioned and continued her dance studies at the North East School of Arts NESA during her 4 years at Lee high school. Grashuss has been part of multiple dance teams throughout the city and has taught hip hop, ballet, pointe and jazz at different studios. She's the youngest to ever teach at RYP Dance Studio at 17. She's a current hip hop instructor at 514 El Paso Nomadic Empire and recently hired as the only teeen to teach hip hop and jazz at the new La Rumba Dance Studio opening later this summer. Grashuss has competed at the World of Dance on 3 different occasions. Grashuss is the youngest ever to make the San Antonio Spurs Hype Squad as a Dancer. Grashuss is the most sought after back-up dancer in the city for artists such as Angel Cintron, Gabby Annalyse, Simply Rayne, Jenny B and She Twenty Three based out of Austin, Texas. Grashuss has appeared in 6 music videos for various Texas based artists.

Grashuss is a 7 time published model. She has been modeling for 4 years and has appeared in over 30 fashion shows. She's also performed in some of the fashion shows as a dancer and accredited with choreographing these performances. Grashuss has also appeared on TV multiple times with interviews and performances on KENS5 and News 4 just to name a few.

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Photographer Credit (from left to right): Jason Carmony, Marcus Perelman, Martha Istueta. Header Image: Jason Carmony.