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Visceral Manipulation Therapy:


Article by Jason Racca,PT, DPT,CFMT,OCS

Photography by Hope Gray Photography


R3 Physio, located in the Alliance/Keller area, shines a light on Visceral Manipulation Therapy—a profound treatment modality that aligns with our mission of providing integrated physical therapy approaches in chronic pain and chronic conditions.

Visceral Manipulation: A Core Technique at R3 Physio:

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy at R3 Physio have advanced training and specialize in visceral manipulation therapy for a variety of conditions , ensuring each organ's optimal function to support the body's overall healing and health.

Visceral Manipulation refers to ensuring that the fascia surrounding each organ moves well. One thing we know is that when a structure does not move well, it will not function at its most efficient. Often, this process will manifest in physical symptoms such as joint and muscle pains, digestive issues, unexplained symptoms when all other tests seem normal, and more.

Uncovering Hidden Contributors to Injury and Illness:

This method is part of our comprehensive approach to therapy and extends to encompass advanced TMJ and airway dysfunction treatments. By addressing internal and external factors, visceral manipulation can have a transformative effect on your recovery journey.


At R3 Physio, your health is our highest priority. We bring you the specialized benefits of Visceral Manipulation Therapy as part of our wide range of services, aimed at overall bodily health. Whether you're a dancer recovering from an injury, an athlete looking to enhance performance, or someone seeking relief from unresolved medical conditions, our doors are open. With personalized care and a dedicated team, let R3 Physio guide you towards a revitalized and pain-free life. Join us on a healing journey where every step is a leap towards your best self.

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