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Fazendin Realtors Foundation


Article by City Lifestyle Lake Minnetonka

Photography by Danielle Bloedorn

Fazendin Realtors has been a staple in the community for over 55 years, helping those looking to sell and assisting newcomers to the area to find their dream homes. It makes sense then that the real estate agents at Fazendin understand the importance of having a stable, safe place to call home.

Hence, the Fazendin Realtors Foundation was born in 2019. This non-profit Foundation is looking to support members of the Twin Cities community who need safe housing. “Fazendin has a long history of giving back to the community,” says Andy Fazendin, Executive Board Member of the Fazendin Realtors Foundation and Owner/Broker of Fazendin Realtors. “This Foundation allows us to better channel our collective efforts of fundraising and giving back, enabling us to make an impact on the community on a much larger scale.” One way the Foundation collects funds is through the generosity of their real estate agents. “Our Realtors® have the option to donate a portion of their proceeds from their sales to the Foundation on behalf of their clients, and many of them have. Fazendin Realtors then matches the agents’ contributions,” says Andy. “The clients are genuinely appreciative and excited about the donations made on their behalf. Many, in turn, have even begun making their own charitable contributions directly to the Foundation. 

The Foundation is focused on raising awareness in the community and reaching its financial goal so it can begin dispersing funds to local community organizations with missions focused on providing those in need with safe and stable housing. The Foundation held its first public fundraising event in October. “We are excited to get the community more involved as we continue building up awareness of the foundation and its mission of supporting those in need within the Twin Cities communities in establishing safe, long-term spaces to call home,” says Andy. 

Visit to learn more about the mission of the Foundation and information on the grant application process for non-profit organizations looking to benefit.


Foundation Board Photo (Left to Right): Sue Hewitson, Sarah Pfeffer, Caryn Jakucki, R. Andy Fazendin, Lynn Fazendin, Grace Fleming, Debra Rudy, Jill Amundson

  • Board members not pictured: Dan Fazendin, Elizabeth Fazendin

Foundation Agents Photo (Left to Right):

  • Back Row: Sarah Pfeffer, Sue Hewitson, R. Andy Fazendin, Dick Willis, Todd Urbanski, James Paddon, Colin Simpson, Tim McIntosh, Jill Amundson
  • Second Row: Debra Rudy, Emily Leach, Jana Lowenstein, Lynn Fazendin, Marla Jean Alstead, Caryn Jakucki, Laurie Bremer, Marilyn Richter, Brenda Dickhut
  • Front Row (couch): Sarah Showalter, Grace Fleming, Mary Munsterteiger
  • Contributing board members/agents not picturedDan Fazendin, Elizabeth Fazendin, Jerry Alstead, Jan Anderson, Carey Willis Crowell, Jerome D’Alessandro, Tara Engebretson, Val Fazendin, Heather Grant, Lynn Groll, Laura Randall, Susan Rowland, Sandra Russen, Julie Sheehy, Pam Sheehan, Carrie Swanson

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