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Article by Emily Mobley

Photography by Amanda Donaho

I received this question the other day, “how do you decide on your exercise routine?”...

I thought this was a great question! 

I will tell you about my experience then provide some suggestions! 

Exercise to me has not always been healthy. I used to look at exercise like I HAD to do it. If I missed a day of running my body would blow up and gain 10lbs.

In some ways...this was correct. My body was metabolically in the toilet. All I would do was hours of cardio, restrict my calories, and binge on food on the weekends. Only to start over the next week. 

My hormones were a mess, my metabolism was a mess, and my mental state was a mess. I would fluctuate up and down by 10-20lbs in my weight SO easily.

Fast forward to learning how nutrition and metabolism works, how important strength based exercises and rest days are, and listening to my body and I have weighed the same over the last 8 years with cutting well down on exercise. Sometimes even taking a month or two off of doing anything besides walking. 

So to answer your question… how do you decide on your exercise regiment?

It comes down to these things:

  1. My schedule. I am a working mom with a child that comes home at 3:00pm in the afternoon. I have to be extremely strategic about how long and when I workout. Basically efficiency is extremely important to me. No more hour-long workouts at the gym! What can I do for the 30-45 minutes I have in the morning and actually be CONSISTENT with? 
  2. What I LIKE to do! This has taken me 10+ years to figure out and still changes from season to season. But right now, I am currently enjoying Strength training 3x/week and maybe 1-2 days of a cardio workout!
  3. What helps my body stay metabolically efficient. I am going to be straight up and tell you I do not enjoy lifting weights. BUT I do love seeing my strength build, visually seeing my muscles, and enjoying ALL foods like cookies, bread, etc. without fear of weight gain! I train with a personal trainer 3x/week because I need this accountability! I know how important strength and resistance training is for my long-term health. It's a MUST for me. Non-negotiable. I like to be effective with my time and strength training is where I get the most bang for my buck (and you will too!) 
  4. Lastly- I rely 110% on my nutrition to keep my body where it is at. NOT my exercise. I know that exercise is great for movement, cardiovascular health, and for helping my metabolism. BUT I know that nutrition is what is the game changer in regards to me staying where I like to be. SO if I cannot get a workout on that day… I just remind myself it's okay… just stay focused on your nutrition goals and all will be good! And try to be consciously more active. Truly exercise is SUCH a small amount of our calorie burn throughout the day… nutrition is a million times more important. 

So, I would ask yourself these 4 questions to figure out what your exercise regimen should be: 

  1. What's your schedule like and how much time do you have to exercise?
  2. What do you LIKE doing and can do consistently week in and week out?
  3. What challenges you outside of your comfort zone and how can you create some accountability around it? (Remember if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn't change you)
  4. Is your nutrition on board? And if it is not… I would maybe worry about focusing on that first (for ex: taking time to meal prep vs workout) if you are really trying to see a body composition shift. 

Here are two DIY programs we offer that help you get your nutrition foundation built plus attach strength training in to support your metabolism and muscle mass: 

#1: The Gray30- 6 steps to build your nutrition foundation. This will get you consistent with the 6 habits you need to do for body composition change and fat loss. No crazy diet rules involved. 

#2: Reclaim Your Strength- 8 week jumpstart plan to get you strength training for results 3 days a week! You can do these workouts in your home OR at a gym. The goal is to get you working out less but seeing more results! 

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