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Taco Republic


Article by Brianna Archuletta

Photography by Brianna Archuletta

Easing out of the weekend is never an easy feat, but I always look forward to Taco Tuesday to break up the work week grind. A frequent stop for my taco fix is Taco Republic. With a massive patio, bargain-priced happy hour, and family-friendly environment, it has everything we need.

Located in Kansas City, Kansas, this colorful Mexican eatery has been slingin’ street-style tacos for every kind of taco enthusiast since 2013. Enjoy a barbacoa taco with braised beef, onion, cilantro & lime for a classic approach, or mix it up with my personal favorite, the Jorge—a delicious medley of seasoned shrimp, pork belly, chipotle aioli, radish shreds and avocado. The menu also includes chicken, pork & vegan options to accommodate all the taco vibes. 

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We’ve been frequenting Taco Republic for a while, so I’ll let you in on a little pro tip: go during happy hour! Every weekday from 4-6, Taco Republic offers $5 margaritas and $2 queso, amongst a few other things. Nothing gets our two wiggly kids to stay seated through an entire meal like a fresh bowl of “cheesy dip.” And, while maybe not on happy hour, a real pro finishes off the meal with a basket of fresh churros and chocolate dipping sauce. We ordered these cinnamon sugar delights as a “once-in-a-while treat” a few months back and haven’t been able to pass on them since. 

If you can hold off the taco cravings for an extra day, or, more likely, eat tacos a second night, stop in on Wednesdays for an all-day happy hour and performances from DJs Ashton Martin and Hydan from 6-9 pm. 

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This is a weekly stop for our family because everyone leaves happy. The staff is friendly, always recognizes us, and even remembers our kids’ orders. We really can’t ask for a better experience. Be sure to check out our favorite taco spot next time you need a fix!