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Chattahoochee Food Works Opens 


Article by Grady McGill

Photography by Grady McGill

Andrew Zimmern travels around the world trying out bizarre foods. But when he wants a great variety of culinary options, he goes to the Chattahoochee Foods Works, which is now opening in Atlanta’s West Midtown. Zimmern, host of The Food Network’s “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern,” is, along with Robert Montwaid, creator of New York’s Gansevoort Market, the curators behind Chattahoochee Food Works.

Located off Chattahoochee Avenue and Howell Mill Road, the Chattahoochee Food Works is a 31-vendor, 25,000-square-foot food hall with indoor and outdoor seating that will feature restaurant stalls, creative chef concepts, and the region’s top culinary talents. In addition to the dining options, there are distinctive retail offerings and, eventually, 500,00 square feet of office space, 500 residences, 200 hotel rooms and 13 acres of green space. The Works is an 80-acre adaptive mixed-use development in the heart of Atlanta’s Upper Westside.

So much to choose from with endless possibilities! Most of the vendors are mom-and-pop shops with a great story of determination to open a restaurant, even during a pandemic. Zimmern came to the Westside to introduce his project and talk about how the restaurant scene is coming back. When I spoke with him, he was friendly, enthusiastic and honestly excited about the vendors and their stories. He cares about them and the restaurant business in general. He took his time to meet and speak with everyone on a personal level without trying to rush.

Although there are several restaurants and stores open now, others will be opening throughout the summer and early fall, including Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q, Philly G Steaks, The Waffle Experience and Pomodoro Bella.

But, even if you go right now, there are some fantastic restaurants to try. The great thing about this food hall is you get to choose from different ethnic cuisines, and it’s perfect if you like trying something new.

Flying Fish 

If you are a sushi lover, sit at the sushi bar and watch the pro chefs work their magic making sushi. Flying Fish is one of the eateries at Chattahoochee Food Works where you can sit at the counter. The sushi was well made and of course you can’t go wrong with good sushi. 

Cubanos ATL

There is nothing tastier than having a bite of a mouth-watering Cuban sandwich. I think so! Anytime I can, I go for the Cuban sandwich. Cuba native Ozzy Llanes lived in Miami and then moved to Atlanta. He has a great passion for his native cuisine and he talked to me about how hospitality is such an important aspect to his business. And, he means it. I am excited that Cubanos ATL, which already has a location in Sandy Springs, is expanding to the Chattahoochee Food Works. If you like good Cuban food, this place is a must-try. 

Tyde Tate Kitchen

Tyde Tate Kitchen is family-owned owned that has a catering business in Lawrenceville. This is this their first in-town location and it offers a home-style comfort Thai menu that will please. Among its specialties are chicken, sweet potato curry puffs, shrimp basil rolls and crispy kaffir lime pork. This is a must-try!

Unbelibubble Tea House

Experience Japanese-made bubble tea at Unbelibubble Tea House, which is owned by a married couple, Alex Yoon Kim and Mindy Kim. I honestly never had bubble tea before this, and I was wowed big time. If you check out Unbelibubble Tea House and — you really should — you might have a hard time deciding which of the 50 tea varieties to choose from — but there’s no wrong decision. They’re all perfect and refreshing — especially as the weather warms up! My favorites are the Strawberry Matcha Latte, Grapefruit Green Tea and Peach Oolong Tea. 

Baker Dude

Founded and operated by Orran Booher, the Baker Dude offers an array of savory and sweet treaties like the “Blou-Cake,” Super Ah-Vocado Toast and Plum Galettes. A native of Jamaica, there are vegan, gluten-free, keto and paleo treats — something for all.

Check out this fantastic new food hall and see what it has to offer. 

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