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Our Guide to Schools in Morristown


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If you are looking into Morristown, NJ schools, you have many options to consider. Morris County has a large population of almost 500,000 people. As such, the area needs a lot of educational institutions. There are public and private institutions in Morristown.

There are also educational institutions to cater to those at any grade level. However, it's important for young students and parents to do their research and choose the right education option for their situation. 

Public Morristown NJ Schools

One of the most commonly chosen options for education among American students is public schools. In fact, approximately 90 percent of Americans study at public institutions.

Students at public schools take advantage of a quality education that is provided to them without any tuition costs. Public schools are funded by taxes. They are also standardized in many ways in terms of the curriculum they offer to students.

At the same time, students do have some freedom to determine their academic path at a public school. They can focus on particular academic subjects so long as they satisfy the basic graduation requirements. 

School Districts: Education for All

The primary school district in Morristown is Morris School District. This school district is headquartered on Hazel Street. Morris School District has a student enrollment of over 5,000 students.

There are 10 schools within the school district. The district has one preschool, seven elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. There are also some school districts that neighbor Morris School District. Neighboring school districts include the Passaic, Essex, Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, and Somerset school districts. 

Morristown High Schools

There are several options when it comes to high schools in Morristown and in the surrounding areas. High school is an important level of a student's education because it is in high school that a student is prepared for college. There are both public and private high schools in Morristown.

Morristown High School on Early Street is the main option among public high schools. An option for those who are looking for a private high school is Delbarton High School. This private high school is on Mendham Road. 

Middle Schools

For a middle school education, it's important to find an educational institution offering good teachers, facilities, and educational researchers.

Middle school is a transition period between elementary school and high school. A middle school needs to offer more rigorous schooling in preparation for the higher level courses that a student will encounter in high school. 

Frelinghuysen Middle School is one of the most popular middle schools in Morristown with one of the highest enrollments. This school is found on Jane Way. It is a part of Morris School District. It is the only middle school in the school district. 

Elementary Schools

Elementary school gives students an introduction to education. A good elementary school is important for instilling in young students good study habits.

Elementary school is also important for teaching basic academic abilities like reading, writing, and basic math. There are a lot of elementary schools among Morristown school. Woodland Elementary School is an elementary school that is part of the Morris School District.

This school is found in Ginty Field on Johnston Road. Another great option for those looking for elementary schools in Morristown is Hillcrest Elementary School. 

Private Morristown schools

A lot of students and parents prefer to study at private institutions. Morristown schools include quite a few private school options.

Private schools may be more expensive because they require students to pay tuition fees. However, they can also offer a higher quality education in Morristown in numerous circumstances. There are many possible advantages that students can enjoy by studying at private schools.

In many situations, private schools can offer students more opportunities to network and make contacts within their chosen field of interest. Private schools can also sometimes offer an educational plan that is customized to the unique needs and preferences of the student.

Christian Schools for Faith-based Education

It's also possible to study at a Christian school. Many parents and students find that religion is an important part of their lives.

They therefore consider that religious education should be included in their education. For such students, a Christian school could be the best option. If a religious school is the best choice for a particular student, there are Catholic schools and other schools affiliated with particular religious denominations in the city. 

Charter Schools in the Local Area

A charter school is operated independently but is still considered to be public. Those who don't want to attend public classes but don't want to pay tuition can choose a charter school. Charter schools are unique in comparison to public schools and private schools. Before opting for a charter school, it's important to carefully research it.

It's important to understand what a charter school's teaching philosophy is before selecting it for a student. There are several Morristown schools that are arranged as charter schools. One suggestion if you're looking for a charter school is Unity Charter School. Unity Charter School offers an education from kindergarten through to the eighth grade. This school is found at Evergreen Place. 

It's important to consider all the option mentioned above when researching Morristown schools. Finding the right school requires effort.

Certain academic environments are best for certain students. Students and parents shouldn't assume they must choose a particular school because of where they live or the costs. They should find the Morristown school that best meets their needs.