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Our Guide to Car Dealerships in Naples


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Looking for a used car in Naples, Fl? Well, look no further. This helpful guide will help you decide how to locate a good car dealership, where to find them, and which are the top car dealerships.

How to Find Good Used Car Dealerships in Naples

Finding a good used car dealership is no easy task, but it can be done if you are patient and do the work. Car dealers don’t always have the best reputation and you should be careful before making a purchase.

There are plenty of reputable car dealerships, but you should be aware of the risk. When you’re vetting car dealers here are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that the establishment you’re working with is legitimate.

Read Reviews

The easiest way that you can verify the professionalism of any car dealers you come across is to read the reviews online.

This includes reviews on Google, Yelp, or any other popular site where customers can give feedback. Keep in mind that every business has good days and bad days. One or two negative reviews may not be a major concern if there are enough positives to makeup or it. But any car dealers with bad overall ratings on these websites should be avoided.

Ask for Referrals

If you are suspicious of a particular dealership, ask for a referral. While online reviews are a good place to start, they are not foolproof.

Reviews can be faked by members of the organization and therefore you may have to dig deeper to verify the credentials of the business. Any reputable car dealers will be willing to give you a referral from a satisfied customer. If they can’t do that, you may want to look elsewhere.

Speak to a representative

Before you go down to the dealership, it may help to give them a quick call. Speaking to someone directly is a great way to establish trust and vet their professionalism.

Although it can be tough to decide if a car dealer is reputable entirely through the phone, you can usually get a feeling for the dealer’s style on a call. If they are overly pushy or rude, you’ll know not to waste your time.

Where Can You Find the Best Used Cars?

Most of the top car dealerships in Naples are located in East Naples along Airport-Pulling Road and I-84. Although you can find others here and there scattered through town, the majority are in this area. Naples Airport is also nearby and it’s a good place for car dealerships because there is plenty of space and lots of traffic.

Benefits of Buying from a Car Dealer

Although dealers charge a markup on the cars they sell, there are several advantages to buying a car from a reputable business, as opposed to directly from a seller. Some of those advantages include:

  • Preview a variety of cars in one location, rather than going all over town
  • Dealers are more likely to clean the cars and perform minor repairs to help them sell quicker
  • Dealers are more likely to perform an inspection
  • Dealers are regulated by state and local regulations, as well as the Federal Trade Commission
  • Dealers are more likely to throw in additional incentives and bonuses

You may be able to find a vehicle at a slightly better price by buying directly from a seller. However, you are assuming certain risks by doing so.

Professional car dealers must protect their reputation, whereas a private seller could sell you a lemon then disappear. Like any other industry, there are many good reasons why you would choose to purchase from an established business over a private citizen and car dealers are no different.

What are the Best Used Car Dealerships in Naples?

Car Max national chain is located at 3405 Prospect Ave. They offer a wide variety of vehicles, curbside pick-up, and in-store shopping.

Autohaus of Naples is a local favorite is located at 493 Airport-Pulling Road. They offer new and used luxury vehicles and sports cars

Stearns Motors Group is another reputable dealer in Naples. They are located at 1200 Airport-Pulling Road and offer a variety of used cars, trucks, and vans, plus some of the lowest fees in town.

That’s everything you need to know if you’re thinking about purchasing a car. If you’re in search of car dealerships in naples fl use this handy guide to help you find a reputable establishment.