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Photography at Ponderosa Field


Article by Olive Thompson

Photography by Olive Thompson

While prepping my portfolio for my move back to the Big Apple, I have come to appreciate my most used locations. As a photographer, there is something very comforting in knowing that you can pose someone in a certain spot and the picture will turn out good.

However, (like most art) my favorite and most creative shots have come from a whim. I encourage people not to discredit certain locations because they are "basic"‚just don't take basic shots. Easier said than done, obviously.

Below is a gallery of images with the same location that resulted in vastly different shots. Thank you to all of my friends, models and clients who pushed me to get creative.

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Featuring: Lydia Moor, Meghan Bailey, Nicole Strohecker, Tanner Kufeld, Aidan Rowan