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Wayne Lifestyle Kicks Our Own Axe 


Article by Don Seaman

Photography by Don Seaman

Since we made the case for Stumpy’s Hatchet House as a great place for a night out, we thought that it would be a good idea for us to see for ourselves. That’s how deep our commitment to providing you with the most comprehensive reader experience possible. Plus, it sounded too cool not to do it.

Naturally, there is a sign-in process. One of the things that you’ll notice is about your reason for today’s fun. We decided to check off the box for “company outing/team building”, although your reasons may vary. There is an option for “bad breakup”, which shows you that they know just what sort of very good reason people may have for coming here. They even give people the option of emailing pictures to use that Stumpy’s will print out to use as targets. They won’t even ask why. Probably.

After a brief training session, we were left to our own devices. It’s more of a challenge than you might think, but the visceral thrill of throwing axes outweighs whatever success you might have. Take note of your footwork, because we found that it does make a difference.

For the record, Team Content got the first bullseye. But the glory was fleeting. Ad Sales pitched a shutout, four games to nothing. But we did each get to ring the bullseye bell a few times, and it even got a little competitive with a group in another “pit” (although you can hardly consider a pub-like space with a comfortable leather couch, massive Jenga tower, and an HDTV a pit). Our shining moment came when Ad Sales (Phillip) hit three bullseyes in a row. Unfortunately, there’s no turkey sound to celebrate that. Maybe we can ask them to make a Wayne Lifestyle upgrade for that one.

After our session was over, we took a look around at all of the other pit areas and game options that were available. There were TVs everywhere, and they even give you the option of making requests for songs on the sound system, in case you need your own playlist to keep you motivated.

Our hour long session was over before we knew it. In that short amount of time, we knew that it was an hour well spent. And that we’d be back.

Stumpy’s can be found in the Fairfield Business Center, 373 Route 46 West in Fairfield. You must be 18+ to play, although they do offer “family days”, typically on Sundays, where kids 13+ can participate with a parent or guardian. And no open-toed shoes are allowed - splinters.