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Free Chips + Queso at Mission Taco KC


Article by Cynthia Malone

Photography by Cynthia Malone

Taco Tuesday doesn't really matter to me. Any day is great for crispy, salty chips and decadent creamy queso yet here I am on a Tuesday feeling like tacos are the right move. If you're working from home like me, 11am is the perfect time to take a break and head over to Mission Taco, Experience Booklet in hand, and snag your FREE chips & queso with purchase.

For now, I'm alone save for the masked staff. Deciding against a Paloma (my favorite cocktail at MT) I opted for a Topo-Chico because I am working after all. Verdict? I won't go back to any other sparkling water. I'm done, this is it, this is the Mecca I've been looking for. Superbly carbonated and so drinkable my 12oz bottle was drained before my meal ended. It's delicious and honestly I don't even miss that Paloma and that says something. I added two of their crispy Baja Fish Tacos to my order and *enter perfection*. For the fair price of $11 I had a great little lunch and a welcome respite from my busy day. Their margaritas are wonderful as well, the perfect sweet and salty blend that our mouths water for upon entering a Mexican restaurant.

The atmosphere is fun, the staff is excellent and the location here in the Crossroads of Downtown KC is ideal. For $25 you will receive hundreds of dollars worth of items in Kansas City. It's a super fun and super easy way to make your way around the city to support your favorite haunts and discover new ones to love. Cheers to Tacos any day of the week.

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