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Article by Jason Fraser

Photography by Laurie Fraser

There’s never a convenient time for your Argyle, TX, AC unit to break down. We all know that. But perhaps worse than having it go out in the afternoon or over the weekend is when it breaks down at night. You could always go online and search an AC repair man near me who will come out after hours. But depending on your unique situation, it might be better to wait until the morning.


But that doesn’t mean you have to sweat it out in unbearable conditions in the meantime.


How To Stay Cool When Your AC Breaks in the Middle of the Night


1.   Crack the windows — Let’s start with a few basic tips. Even if you don’t think the outside temperature is cooler than inside, remember that things can get incredibly humid and muggy in your house if the air conditioner isn’t working and there’s no air circulation. Cracking the windows creates cross-ventilation and lets fresh air in.

2.   Utilize the fans in your home — Portable fans such as box fans or oscillating fans are very handy to have around the house even when your AC is working normally because they work with your AC unit and keep the system from having to shoulder the burden of cooling your house. The same is true for ceiling fans, but make sure you turn them counterclockwise. Doing so helps draw up the cool air still left in the room and disperse it where you need it most.

3.   Stay low to the ground — If you have a multi-story home, it’s probably wise to bring the entire family downstairs and crash on the couch near as many portable fans and spinning ceiling fans as possible. This is because heat rises, so staying away from the hottest parts of your house will help pass the time easier until your trusty AC repair guy arrives.

4.   Take a cool shower and stay hydrated — This is a great temporary remedy for when your AC breaks at night, particularly right before you go to bed or if you are having difficulty staying asleep because it’s too hot. Cold showers, using cool towels, and drinking anything cold keep you hydrated and lowers your core body temperature, allowing you to get a restful night’s sleep.


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Preventative Maintenance Is the Key to Avoiding AC Issues


The secret to ensuring your Argyle, TX, home’s HVAC system runs efficiently and helps keep your AC breaking in the middle of the night comes down to one major to-do item: preventative maintenance. Sure, everything may be working great right now, but more often than not, the families who stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter are the ones who have their systems professionally inspected, serviced, and cleaned by an “AC repair man near me” before those peak times of the year. 


The best time to schedule preventative maintenance for your HVAC system is right before the hottest months of the year (spring). We can pinpoint and correct developing problems at the earliest, least expensive time before equipment fails. Over the life of your equipment, you will experience lower total operating and maintenance costs with fewer disruptions.


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