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5 Affordable False Lashes 


Article by Kim Higgins

Photography by Stock Photography

As the owner of a bridal beauty business I have tried my fair share of false lashes. Even those that don't wear a lot of makeup day-to-day can wear false lashes without them feeling too heavy. They make such a difference in photos, and can look incredibly natural when applied correctly. Depending on which style you select, you can achieve a minimalistic look to a very dramatic eye. Faux lashes open up the eye and can make smaller eyes appear larger. Those with hooded eyes can literally transform their eye shape with a good pair of lashes. Those that lack volume, length, or are experiencing sparse patches can either wear individual lashes or strip lashes.

Ardell Individual Lashes

These clusters of individual lashes offer the most natural looking false lashes. They come in several lengths, and are easily applied with a dab of lash glue. Try Duo Lash Glue which goes on a milky white color and dries clear. Ardell indiviudal lashes are great for those who wear minimal makeup or if you just want to fill in sparse areas. These individual lashes can be applied to form a cat-eye, using longer individual lashes towards the outer corners. A favorite among bridal makeup artists and an extremely affordable option.

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Everra Magnetic Lashes

These magnetic strip lashes are applied using a magnetic eyeliner. Apply each coat of liner, allowing time to dry in between. Everra Magnetic Lashes have several styles to choose from and add more drama than individual lashes. The lashes have varying lengths throughout the strip lash giving a fluffy glamorous appearance. We've tested several magnetic faux lashes and these are easy to apply. Those with sensitive skin should test the liner on their wrist or behind their ear before applying.

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Sephora Collection Luxe False Lash

These strip lashes are a bit heavier and have a thicker band than traditional strip lashes. A lot of lash lovers like the fact that the band is thicker which helps to blend when applying eyeliner. Despite having a thicker band these are extremely comfortable to wear for a night out. Apply lash glue and wait until the glue becomes tacky before applying to the lash line. Luxe False Lash has up to five wears before needing to replace them.

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Kiss Falscara Eyelash Lifting Wisps

These faux eyelashes are applied a bit differently than your standard false lash. Applied underneath your natural lash, the featherlike fibers give a very comfortable application. In the package, they look similar to Ardell Trios, however they give a completely different look all together. This is perfect for someone looking to lift and open the eye. Highly recommend their bond, seal and remover.

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Ardell Lash Demi Wispies

These wispy faux strip lashes feel very light when applied. The lash shape is tapered with shorter lashes towards the inner corner and longer faux lashes towards the outer corner of the eyelid. These feathered lashes look slightly more dramatic than a strip lash with the same length lashes throughout. The invisible band allows you to choose if you'd like to add liner or not. It's also more comfortable than wearing a thicker band lash. Make sure to apply enough lash adhesive on both ends. Opt for the five pack for an affordable option.

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