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Exploring Olympia, WA


Article by Polly Cocilobo

Photography by Polly Cocilobo

Aloha! As many of you may know Olympia is the capital of Washington state. It is located on the south of Seattle and is the perfect stop before you are heading on your way to the Ocean. Olympia is very well known for its beautiful state capitol with a view of the lake and the Puget Sound.

Olympia has a very vibrant culture and a lot of activities you may not know about. Here I have covered all the beautiful places Olympia has to offer that you do not want to miss!

Here is a list of all the attractions you would love to visit:

  • The Washington State Capitol Building and campus, it offers free tours and you will be enchanted by the beautiful marble inside the building. I recommend the free tours as you can learn a lot of the rich history of Olympia and Washington State.
  • The Old Capitol Building, which is next to the Sylvester Park.
  • Capitol Lake, get your picnic ready to sit and relax while admiring a beautiful view.
  • Heritage Park fountain, make a stop while you are walking on your way to the downtown stores.
  • Kissing Statue and Percival landing park, they are next to each other.. The perfect view to enjoy a look at the Puget Sound and harbor.
  • Hands on Children's museum, it is the greatest attraction when traveling with the kiddos!
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Olympia has a lot of parks, so here are the best places for those hiking lovers:

  • Brewery Park at Tumwater Falls.
  • Washington State Parks headquarters.
  • Olympic National Forest.
  • Garfield Nature Trail Park.
  • Chambers lake.
  • Wonderwood Park.
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I hope you come visit Olympia and get to explore all the beautiful places this city has to offer. Stay tuned for a special tour coming up visiting all the unique boutiques and delicious restaurants Olympia is known for!