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How Do You Measure Success?


Article by Chad O'Roark

Photography by Chad O'Roark

Why Coach? 

Many books are written by CEOs and authors with long lofty titles or prefixes like M.D. and PhD. They are full of great advice and leadership competencies, but they don’t always reflect what we face everyday at the lower levels of management. Not all of us are called to be CEOs of major corporations, but we still need to know what it takes to lead our teams to achieve their dreams and ultimately our company goals of sales and profit.  

A lot of books on the market are written by people that have never been in real life leadership positions. Consultants and groups that perform studies certainly have their place and can produce some great best practices, and sure there are some fantastic books available that teach about leadership and how to be successful, but we need MORE! We need to see real life scenarios from people that have been down in the trenches fighting those retail battles that consultants and studies will never have been through. They often see the end results and publish their findings, but they may not have seen what it truly took to get those results.

One of the first things that you need to do is figure out how you want to define success. Being successful doesn’t necessarily mean that you make $500,000 a year, that you have big expensive toys, and a second house on the beach. Those things are exciting and fun to have for sure, but not everyone has the same desires and dreams.

Success is achieving your goals no matter what they may be. Success is that feeling of satisfaction that you feel when you reach a point of accomplishment after pouring your heart and soul into whatever you were focused on. Success is achieving your desired outcome no matter how big or small the goal.  

I personally feel the most success from being a leader when I get those phone calls or text messages from people that worked for me in years past. I often will hear from one of them thanking me for teaching them something specific that they still find of use today. Those are the moments that I feel the most proud and successful.  

My goal is to help you to achieve success in whatever you do by using simple coaching tools and methods to better communicate with your teams. They are, after all, the people that make your business successful. Your team is responsible for everything that happens in front of your customers and behind the scenes. Without them your business simply would not run. We need a clear cut and easy to follow communication method to help us meet our goals.  

I intend to fully help others to strive for personal excellence in mind, body, and spirit. Teaching them the skills they need to lead themselves and thus be able to lead others. There will be more to come.