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Flooring by a Local Family 


Article by Brooke Spalding Ford

Photography by Wilson's Floor Covering, Inc.

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Not everything is supposed to be ordered online these days. For many home furnishings, homeowners want to be able to touch and see before they make a decision. This is why local businesses like Wilson’s Floor Company are so important to homeowners in the area. 

Whether you want a comfy carpet to go on your stairs or your bathtub to be tiled, Wilson’s Floor Company will be there to help you make the best decision for your home. Wilson’s is a company that has been in business since 1984. With the amount of experience this family business has, there is not much they can’t do.

Randy Wilson, who started the company, would drive through Platte City often and admire the city for its size and people. Randy wanted to open a business in a small town for the slow pace and conversations he could have within the community. This, along with Randy’s disdain for traffic, is why Platte City became the space for Randy and Nancy.

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With the help of Randy’s brother Todd, the family gathered samples and rented a space in the strip mall. The Martin family gave them their first installation job and the Wilsons used the money to buy more supplies for their next job. Now the business is mostly run by Aubrie and her brother, Raymond, who does tile installation.

Wilson’s Floor Covering is the place to go for any floor updating you are planning to do. If they do not specialize in the service area you need, they will refer you to other experts, because as Aubrie said: “We are all in this together!”

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