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10 Home Improvements Before Selling


Article by Katie Holmes

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It’s been a hot market with sellers experiencing bidding wars and getting multiple offers on their property, so sellers have not had to put in much effort to prep their home for sale. However, with the market starting to cool off a bit, it’s important for sellers to put in the work and do these 10 crucial steps to get the best return on their investment. Regardless of the market, Robb Realty Group recommends sellers use these tips and tricks to showcase their house in the best light possible Instant Home Valuation Tool will give you current information on the price of your home.


A Fresh Coat of Paint will make the home look cleaner and brighter. We recommend a nice neutral color because it will appeal to more buyers and allow them to picture themselves in the space. A neutral color is a great back backdrop for just about any décor and is very inviting to buyers when purchasing a home.


Spruce up the outside of your home to add to the curb appeal. If the home is inviting on the outside buyers will want to step inside to see the beautiful inside. Trim bushes, add a pop of color with flowers or fresh plantings, new mulch as well as a fresh coat of paint for the front porch and front door. Most buyers begin their search online and a nicely manicured lawn and inviting entry will be their first impression. Nowadays with drone footage a well-maintained exterior/lawn goes a long way and will entice buyers to schedule an appointment to see the home.

Updated Appliances

Supply chain slowdowns are commonplace right now so having nice, newer, shiny appliances in place that convey with the home is a huge bonus to the buyer. New appliances modernize a space and add a lot of bang for the buck! Plus, it takes away a huge burden from the buyers which is another selling perk. 

New countertops and updated sink

If you’re looking for a relatively easy and inexpensive fix to freshen up your kitchen when preparing it to sell, then plan to update the counters and the sink. These two items alone will showcase the home better.


Worn carpet is a big stopper for a buyer. Sellers should consider replacing carpets or installing luxury vinyl or engineered hardwood prior to listing the home. New flooring goes a long way with buyers because the hassle and expense is a turn off for a buyer.


It’s quite costly to repair a roof and the sale of your home will go much more smoothly if you have maintained the quality of your roof. If your roof has needed repairs or replacement, it’s best to have taken care of that prior to listing. An older roof is worrisome to buyers and a turnoff when it comes to buying a home.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Prior to listing your home for sale sellers should have their HVAC serviced and cleaned. Old air-conditioning systems can make a buyer hesitant about buying a home because of the expense associated with replacing it. However, if the seller is proactive and has the system serviced prior to listing it will alleviate a lot of uncertainty for the buyer.


Doing things like updating fixtures in bathrooms or kitchens, changing lighting or bulbs can help to update a home and give it a fresh look. Sellers should pay attention to caulk and grout and update as needed. 

Deep cleaning, decluttering, and organizing

No matter what the market is like sellers should take these steps to present the home in its best light. Don’t overlook the outside – pressure washing the exterior will give the house a clean and bright look. Decluttering and organizing is essential to open up the interior spaces and make the home very welcoming.


Sellers should clean windows both inside and out, including cleaning the tracks. Having the windows professionally cleaned is a great investment and the home will look great in the professional pictures. 

Presenting your home properly when selling instils trust and confidence in buyers and results in a successful transaction. Robb Realty Group will partner with you and provide you with our VIP Sellers Program to ensure success.

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