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Our Guide to Remodeling in Kansas City


Article by City Lifestyle

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Are you thinking of redoing your home? We all know getting a reliable remodeler can be such a hustle. But, it doesn't have to be thanks to this comprehensive list of Kansas City remodeling companies.

These companies offer you the best home decor and office remodeling services. With experienced staff, these companies deliver nothing short of perfection.

Find a remodeler that fits your needs in the Kansas City.

Remodeling Companies in Kansas City

It's always a good time to remodel with the right pair of hands at your service.

Finding a remodeling company you can trust to deliver the desired results may be the challenge. Here's a list of exceptional Kansas City remodeling companies suited for your needs.

These company companies come highly rated with rave reviews from satisfied customers.

They don't just bang hammers and lay down concrete.

These remodelers use the latest technology to revamp any space layout, interior design concept, and play with space functionality to suit any taste or preference.

The Best Home and Residential Remodeling

Are you thinking of remodeling your residential property? Well, KC has remodeling companies that can also give your home a touch-up. Such companies are especially handy if you’d like to repurpose any room in your house. 

If you want to remodel in Kansas City, look no further than the city's top-notch home remodeling agencies for your every need. Companies such as Schloegel offer high-class home remodeling.

If your working or living space needs a facelift, Schloegel is the remodeler to call. The company is equipped with progressive home decor and office arrangement remodeling skills. The staff also renovates any space in the room as you desire.

Home Remodeling

The road to homeownership is paved with many challenges. First, you have to save for the banks to extend a line of credit. Then there's the mortgage payments and other costs. After years, there's barely anything left to help you maintain your living space.

But, after all that hustle, it makes sense to revamp your space to reflect your financial freedom. It's the perfect time to reach out to a Kansa City company to remodel your home.

You're probably wondering how big you can go? You can paint your whole house or get rid of those dull floor tiles for something much warmer such as wood-panel floors. You can even get a bathtub-jacuzzi combo while you're at it. There is no limit here; go crazy.

All this made possible by remodeling Kansas City companies for as low as $6,500. 

Kansas City Designer and Remodeler

Sometimes, you need more than a few refits and updates around your home or workspace. Kansas City designer and remodeler companies come in all sizes and can help you breathe new life into any piece of real estate.

Top-notch designers and remodelers in Kansas City will revitalize your home. These hardworking men and women use their skills and expertise sharpened over years of experience to deliver nothing short of excellent results.

Mark Franklin, the lead carpenter of Retouch Design-Build-Renovate, has all the tools and tricks to remodel your wooden house.

With up-to-date interior designing technology and wallpaper changes redesigned to capture your mood, your home will never feel the same again. 

Bathroom Remodel

Companies such as Premier Bathroom Remodeling KC take your bathroom redesigning to the next level.

Imagine self-flushing toilets, futuristic sinks, decadent tiles or even a phone charger next to the toilet paper dispenser for those who can't put their phones away.

Sports lovers' screens can be fitted in your bathroom. You will never miss any live-action again.

KC Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

The bathroom is one of the essential parts of your home after the kitchen and living room. Sadly, most people spend less time than they’d like in their bathroom enjoying a soak in the tub. Hiring a Kansas City bathroom-remodeling contractor is a step in the right direction. 

Companies such as Anthony Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offer 24/7 services throughout the city and beyond. Please take advantage of their flexible working hours and call them up at 3 a.m. to swap your bathtub with an indoor Jacuzzi. Live a little. 

Kitchen Remodel

The battle for energy efficacy starts in your kitchen. Your cooking space doesn't have to be dull anymore. Swap those low hanging cabinets that seem to hit your head every time you use your sink with modernized kitchen cabinets with sliding doors.

Those with toddlers running around the house can raise their kitchen counters to avoid potential hazards. You can also swap those old rust tiles with a marble finish. Get a larger dining table to host Thanksgiving.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Kansas City

Kitchen remodeling contractors in Kansas City may be 10 a penny. But, why go for unreliable, dirt-cheap options when you can have the best contractors in the game? You’d be surprised by how much you can save in the long-run.

Companies such as KC Custom Cabinets Inc. offer you the best quality services. Schlogel Design Remodel is also a notable top-ranked company. Your kitchen remodeling needs are in safe hands with either of these companies.

Kitchen remodeling contractors are all over the city. They offer you easy access to services. Take control in remodeling your kitchen. 

Kansas City Basement Remodeling

Various basement remodeling agencies are located throughout the KC metro area. We understand that it's not common to remodel basements. However, the right Kansas City basement remodeling can unlock the potential of this hidden space.

It would help if you used this opportunity to turn that dark, scary, and probably haunted basement into something meaningful. It can be a gaming room, a crafts station, or even a panic room. You can turn it into a bachelor pad or a second living room.

In such hard times, you could make it into a more pleasant space for those adult kids who still grace you with their presence. 

Basement Remodel in Kansas City

Basement remodels in Kansas City is a new concept. It’s really changing the possibilities of this obscure and mostly disused part of many Kansas City homes. Imagine something like a cinema hall, home office, or workshop to anything you dare to envision.

It’s a unique specialty, so it usually costs more than most redesign jobs. On average, it will cost $22,000 to finish a 1,000-square-foot basement. And most extensive remodeling jobs take four to six weeks.

You won't regret a single penny spent on a top-notch basement remodel. Companies such as Schloegel Design Remodel and Basement Magic deliver you the best basement remodeling experience.