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Miranda Engeman


Article by Tyler Jackson

Photography by Tyler Jackson

April 2024 Fridge Wholesale Liquor Educator of the Month - Miranda Engeman

Social Studies Teacher - Anthony Middle School

- - -

I’m at Anthony Middle School with the April Fridge Educator of the Month, Miranda Hageman.

My friend – Congratulations!

Oh, thank you!

You got a pretty neat nomination, submitted by a student. How does it feel to be named Educator of the Month?

I think that's really sweet of those who nominated me. I’m just really surprised.

Are you originally from Manhattan?

I'm originally from western Kansas.

Where at?

North of Hays in a little town called Stockton.

Of course! Stockton, home of the Rooks County Fair!

Home of the county fair, yep.

How long have you been in Manhattan?

I started in Manhattan when I went to K State. Met my husband and we've been married almost five years, and we settled here.

That’s really cool! So what was your path to becoming a teacher?

My whole family is teachers. My mom and my dad are both teachers, and so are two of my dad's brothers and a couple of his sisters-in-law.

So it's just a family thing!

Yeah, it's just a family thing.

How long have you been teaching at Anthony?

This is my third year at Anthony, sixth year teaching.

And I hear you're a leader of the sixth grade purple team. What exactly is that?

So that means that we get half of our sixth grade caseload, and half of them are part of our purple team, and the other half is a part of silver. So, we can dedicate our time and efforts to helping specific student needs, splitting them amongst our teachers so we can talk about what they need.

That’s incredible!

If you can put it in words, what's your favorite thing about being a teacher?

Helping students discover a love of learning!

That's the whole mission here, right?


Any last words?

Just thanks again. It's really special and a big surprise. <laugh>.

Well, you're deserving of it, so congratulations.

Thank you so much!!  

Congratulations to Miranda Engeman on being named the April 2024 Fridge Wholesale Liquor Educator of the Month!

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