Dear Hair Loss


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Article by Kimberly Vaughn

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Dear Hair Loss,

Why is my hair shedding more now? Does the cold weather cause more shedding?  

- Carly

Answer: Carly you are spot on! Changes in the temperature can most certainly contribute to seasonal hair loss and increased shedding. Colder and warmer temperatures can cause more stress on the scalp and hair follicles. When the body adapts to change so does the hair and scalp. Remember your hair and skin are made of growing and living cells swimming through our body duplicating and dying daily. When our environmental temperatures drop or increase rapidly, our body becomes stressed, this in turn impacts our hair and skin. Stimulating scalp treatments and scalp massage will boost circulation and blood flow aiding in cell growth and should slow the hair loss. If you do not see improvement in a few weeks contact a hair loss professional to confirm the root cause of your hair loss.

Kimberly Vaughn, President, MBA, WTS

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