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Interiors That Tell a Story; Yours


Article by Gabrielle White | ML Interiors Group

Photography by Sarah Linden, Matti Gresham

The best thing about the holiday season is the potential to see friends and loved ones, and to catch up on the stories and memories made within the time apart (and if you’re really lucky, shared over a glass of wine or a warm meal!). 

ML Interiors Group aims to create interior designs that will inspire ease and camaraderie for all those who enter your space - inviting conversation and long-overdue hugs the minute your guests walk through the door.

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Ensuring that your style is visible in the construction materials, furniture selections, and unique accessories found in your space is just the first step in guaranteeing that you are happy and comfortable within your home. When you feel relaxed and confident in your surroundings, that energy is evident for anyone who shares in the comfort of your home. This client’s style featured in the images above went for a global vibe in their newly constructed home, taking cues from their worldly travels as inspiration for the aesthetic touches sprinkled throughout the interior design.

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And even if your passport doesn’t reflect world travel, who’s to say that your style is limited by your experiences? Whatever you feel fits you, will fit the space! The only element to make this a guarantee is to have the right team on your side, and the right designer to make your vision a reality. Geometric lines and earthy neutral colors influence a charming atmosphere in the stairway pictured on the right.

And who can forfeit the opportunity to gather around the fireplace? This ultra-sleek and modern living space oozes class with the dark wood ceiling and floors sandwiched between the concrete-like fireplace, somehow finding symmetry amongst the asymmetrical elements of this space. ML Interiors Group specializes in finding that balance between edgy and classy.

As you can see - Good design tells a story. Let us tell yours. ML Interiors Group of experts have a collective 50 years of experience in the design industry, with a plethora of knowledge and perspective to contribute when making your dream space come to life in your home. Give us a call today!

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