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There is more to choosing the right hair salon than asking a friend for a recommendation. With such a personal decision, you have to consider what works best for you and what you expect when choosing among the hair salons in Morristown, NJ.

What works for someone else may not work for you. So consider things like the personality of a stylist who serves you, the reputation of the salon, convenience to work or home and how much money you're willing to spend.

Are you outgoing and bold? Do you have fine or coarse hair? Do you want to reduce the chemicals put into your hair? Are you looking for a family-friendly salon, where you can be pampered while your children get hair cuts? Are you looking for a full-service salon that offers everything from quick trims to spa treatments?

Choosing the stylist that's right for you is perhaps the most important decision you'll make when choosing your salon. Chances are the stylist you connect most with could lead you toward a reasonable compromise on other considerations, like location, price and the types of services offered. Your stylist must understand what you want, how to handle your hair, how to communicate with you and what your comfort level is for new styles. 

It's not as easy as just going with your gut when your look is on the line. And hair salons now offer so much more, even catering to men with more than just a cut and a shave. 

Finding hair salons in Morristown, NJ

It shouldn't be a hassle getting to your choice of hair salons in Morristown, NJ, so consider location when thinking about beauty. For those who work around downtown, there are nearly a dozen hair salons you can visit on your lunch break if you need to get away.

There are plenty of options among the more than two dozen hair salons in the Morristown area that can keep you within a reasonable distance from your work or your home.

Growth in men's hair salons 

Men aren't limited to barber shops if they need a trim. Some are indulging in the experience of hair salons that offer them pampering, too. These men's hair salons offer beard grooming, hair cuts and styling. But they also offer skin treatments, nail services and specialized hair coloring for men who want more.

More men are turning to salons as they focus more on their appearance and the health of their skin, nails and hair. And they're turning to stylists for new and exciting hair trends.

Choosing among Black hair salons 

Not all salons are right for everyone. That's especially true for African American hair, which deserves a unique approach and style from a hair salon that specializes in that service. Black hair salons focus on the specific styles, hair types and services their clients seek, from those who want natural treatment and products for Dominican hair to those looking for hair extensions and braids to create their style.

Some salons feature stylists who say they have experience with Black women's hair, but a salon that focuses exclusively on your hair type might be the better choice until you find a stylist you can trust.

If you're looking for the special skills required to produce beautiful braids, you'll need a stylist who's capable of making a more memorable statement with your hair. Either with your own hair or with hair extensions, braids can offer you a new look and new confidence. The process can be hours long, depending on how long you want the braids to extend. You also should consider the choices with your stylist, including different braids, twists and length. But be careful. A bad choice of stylist can lead to damaged hair, even bald patches.

Deciding on the perfect salon 

Don't make a final decision on a salon by scheduling a hair appointment. You should visit the salon first and talk to the stylist you'd like to use. Before you arrive, check out their social media for photos of other clients. What work are they proud of? Do you like their styles? Does it fit your personality and hair type?

And when you talk to the stylist, see if they truly listen, determine how they ask you what you want, find out if they push their ideas on you. This is someone you have to be comfortable with, someone you trust with creating the first impression you'll make on others. It's worth your time.

It may seem overwhelming when you consider all the factors involved in choosing the right hair salon and stylist for you. But in the end, you'll be happy you gave it so much thought.  

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