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Sustainable Fashion of the Future


Article by Khrystyna Iaroshenko

Photography by @kseniaschnaider

As a woman I love shopping. I used to buy new outfits, shoes and trendy additions to my closet every season. This used to be the cycle of the life for my clothes: wore it a couple times, then it was just hanging in the wardrobe for a couple years, after — gave it to a friend if it was something that I didn’t think I would wear, or sold it to a vintage store.

But now, after moving a couple times internationally and locally, I keep it really low. I’m buying only basics that I need (making a list that will work with the rest of the pieces I have), and investing (not just buying) in upcycled or used items, that I know for fact will last forever. I love each and every item in my closet; I feel good and comfortable in every piece I’m wearing. And looking like some of my neighbors have big boxes from mass-market stores delivered makes me sad. I hope after the crisis people will go in a quality over quantity direction and think that is a smart way to shop and think sustainable.

Sustainable Fashion: Shirt Project

 My talented friend and designer KSENIASCHNAIDER was a pioneer in sustainable fashion and created trendy upcycled denims, patchwork and re-worked sportswear. They became known all around the world and their unique pieces were added to the wardrobes of many celebrities. They launched a new project called Shirt Project.

They decided to upcycle tons of fabric swatches that usually are thrown away. They used their own archives and asked their suppliers to send their stock of swatches to produce first samples. And now they are ready to re-work any unwanted swatches from all over the world. This project became possible only because KSENIASCHNAIDER has its own production were workers are passionate and knowledgeable about upcycling vintage garments and leftovers. I truly believe in Shirt Project and I think it will become A THING.

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