The Colorful Tables of the Amalfi Coast


Article by Lynette Standley

Photography by Lynette Standley

Colorful tables and ceramics are everywhere along the Amafli Coast. Coffee on your hotel terrace; an Aperol spritz at a local bar in the afternoon; a late-night pizza snack. If you look beyond your beverage or nibbles, you’ll see these colorful pieces of art.

I’ve taken small groups to the Amalfi Coast for many years. After visiting the studio where these art legitimate pieces are designed and fired, I finally succumbed to FOMO (fear of missing out) and ordered a table. It’s something I never would have taken the time or investment to do, but I must give my husband credit. He gave me the Nike nod – Just Do It! And I thought, “why not?!”

We worked with our sweet and patient sales rep, Daniela. We looked at endless designs and colors and sizes. That’s the part that deters me; I’ve built and remodeled a few houses in my lifetime. SO. MANY. CHOICES. I love personalizing, but it does take time.

Above: A close-up of our design with the artist's statement "hand-painted in Positano." Amy and Kathryn, travelers from my group, relax on a hand-painted bench at Ceramiche Casola.

We finally made a decision: traditional white and cobalt blue background; a weave of grape vines with red and white clusters; red poppies and yellow lemons—some of the iconic symbols that speak to my heart about Italy.

And then we waited. Our hand-painted stone table from Italy was in the queue.

It was like waiting for a baby! We sort of knew what it would look like; they sent pictures. And six months later, arrival day was very exciting. Delivery truck, forklift and a big wooden crate parked in our garage.

We loved it!

Below: A wall-size ceramic map of the Amalfi Coast at Ceramiche Casola's studio. For my table design, I added a custom quote in Italian that says "You may have the universe if I may have Italy." –Verdi

They hand-paint their famous products, from bowls and dinnerware to bar carts and giant tabletops. The studio is amazing and offers a first-hand look at the process. For tables, they start with a slab of volcanic rock that’s quarried nearby, then an artist personally hand-paints your design. It’s fired at almost 1,000 degrees—and voila!—bright, vibrant colors that are indestructible. They have a lifetime guarantee and will last generations. (My youngest has already laid claim to ours.)

Visit their site and scroll down through the photos for a glimpse at the process. Hand-painted ceramics are popular throughout Italy, and designs vary by artist and region. These giant pieces of art are particularly intriguing, and if you get the opportunity to visit their shop near Positano, stop in!

We’ve enjoyed many dinners and glasses of wine around this table in our Boise backyard. I love bringing their hospitality and art home to share.  

Below: Friends and family around the table. Food is love; true Italian style in Idaho!

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