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Wolf & Wren Press Brings the 15th Century Tradition of Letterpress Goods Into the 21st Century With Delightful Designs

Article by Kerrie Lee Brown

Photography by Poppy & Co. by Kelsey Huffer

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

Who doesn’t love getting a sweet letter in the mail or a delightful greeting card dropped off at your door? We do! Moreover, with the reality that there’s a lot of hum-drum in the world these days—and the fact that proper penmanship has pretty much gone out the window—there’s nothing better than a gift with true meaning.

Wolf & Wren Press is an illustrious wholesale letterpress company based in Longmont. Owned by childhood friends Lauren Stapleton (Longmont) and Liz Wolf (Rockford, IL), this dynamic duo draw upon modern tools to combine their unique, artistic drawings and handwritten messaging.

Their ultimate goal is to bring people together through the lost art of letterpress printing and the written word. In other words, their heart-warming company marries their love for authentic modern-day connections and old-fashioned sentiments of expression. They’re bringing the letterpress back!

“We are artists and best friends that have always lived apart, so we feel like the quest for connection is our specialty,” says Liz. “We are proud to create a product that spreads joy and creates connection between the buyer and recipient of the greeting card. As an adult in the chaotic world it can be hard to keep up with friends and family, but a well-timed card or note can go a long way.” 

“Our brand is all about putting more positive sentiments out into the world,” adds Lauren. “We try to avoid snarky or overly punny cards and instead try to get to the root of the sentiment in the simplest and kindest words combined with beautiful illustrations. It's important to us because there will never be a shortage of positivity in the world. If we can somehow add the tiniest whisper of more happiness out there, then we have done our job.”

While Lauren has lived in Colorado for about 20 years now and is inspired by the plethora of outdoor activities here, Liz says their distance continues to inspire them as well. “Our long distance connection and desire to feel close to one another has inspired the whole concept for the business. We feel inspired everyday by working together.”

Located in downtown Longmont, Wolf & Wren is open for the public to peruse.

“Coming out of a time when the world was so separated, we were ready to bring people back together,” adds Liz. “The new store invites them into a physical space for a tactile experience allowing them to find new ways to send meaningful gifts and encouraging messages to loved ones.”

The opening of their storefront in downtown Longmont comes on the heels of a time of great uncertainty for small businesses. However, their mission has always been to provide a message of optimism to the community. Bringing people together is a must. “Our most recent valentine project was really fun. We letterpress printed a doily texture with text on top, then die cut the heart shape.” The women say customers are loving their creative cards entitled: “Someone in Colorado Loves You.”

Have you noticed an increase in handwritten notes, cards and inspiration since you've opened your business? The answer? A big, YES!

“In these digital times people really love to have something to hold in their hands,” Lauren says. “Letterpress is especially nice because you can feel the indentations on the thick cotton paper. People LOVE that. Almost every day at our brick and mortar someone comes in and tells us how important it is to keep written words, card sending and handwritten notes alive. It is really something many people crave and miss.”   

And, as print magazine people, we’d have to agree.

Wolf & Wren

332 Main Street

Unit A1

Longmont, CO


Sustainable Stationery

Wolf & Wren Press also brings their passion for environmentally friendly business practices to the forefront of their company by being proud members of 1% for the Planet and certified carbon neutral. Furthermore, all cards are hand-drawn and letterpress printed on 100% cotton paper, making them tree-free. The store will feature products from US-based artists, other women makers and, of course, their entire collection of letterpress greeting cards.