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The Engagement Ring of Your Dreams:


Article by Amanda Coleman Phelps

Photography by Amanda Coleman Phelps

Searching for a custom engagement ring in Frederick? Look no further than the jewelers at Nelson Coleman Jewelers on West Patrick Street. In just four easy steps, you can create your ideal engagement ring with the support and expertise of our professional jewelry team.

If you’ve been dreaming of a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, our six generations of craftsmanship will ensure your vision becomes a reality. Whether you have a vague or specific idea of what you want, we’ll patiently walk you through each step of the process while honoring your budget.

Begin with a Personalized Consultation

Our design journey begins with a personal consultation, where your ideas take shape through sketches and examples. We want to hear what inspires you and see pictures of designs you already love. Pinterest boards are welcome! Whether you love the vibe of a certain time period or a specific diamond cut, we want to hear all about it. No idea or detail is insignificant.

It’s also where your preferences on the 4 Cs — cut, color, clarity, and carat —  will help guide the creation of your ring’s initial design.

If you haven’t quite settled on a style you like, you may find some inspiration browsing our collection of solitaire, three-stone, bypass, vintage-inspired, and halo engagement rings and settings.

Discover Your Ring Style

To build your custom engagement ring, we’ll go through several options to create your ideal design. Keep reading for a few examples of the choices we’ll discuss together.

Choose Your Center Diamond Shape

One option that can have a major impact on the overall design of your ring is the center diamond shape. Which diamond shape speaks to you? There is the timeless allure of round and princess-cut diamonds if you love a more traditional style. If you prefer a more trendy design, a pear diamond might be your choice. If you love a good vintage vibe, you may fall head over heels for the emerald cut. With nearly a dozen options in diamond shape alone, we’re here to help you find the perfect match for your style and story.

If you’re interested in a one-of-a-kind diamond, consider allowing our expert Graduate Gemologists to be your personal shoppers in the diamond capital of the world.

Once a year we go to Antwerp to hand-select the perfect diamond just for you. Not only will you end up with an excellent diamond at the best price possible, but you’ll also have a diamond that you’ve forged an emotional connection with through the process.

Select the Ideal Diamond Size

Size matters, but it's not the sole factor. Besides carat weight, there’s also color, clarity, and cut. Balancing the 4 Cs to reflect your style and budget is crucial. While some prioritize size, others prioritize sparkle and luckily there are no wrong answers when it comes to this decision. We’ll help you review your options and budget to find the best diamond to bring a smile to your face each time you look at your bespoke engagement ring.

Embrace Color with Stones

If you’re interested in adding character and distinct individuality to your ring, consider venturing beyond the classic diamond with the option of colored stones. You can explore a variety of choices from colored diamonds to gemstones of every color and have them set as the center stone or as accent stones. From vibrant sapphires to rich rubies and versatile moissanite, we’ll help you choose a gem that offers beauty and resilience.

Choose Your Metal with Confidence

Your metal choice is another highly personal decision that will help set the tone for your entire engagement ring. While white and yellow gold are the traditional metal options, there are a variety of other options we can walk you through. From timeless and romantic rose gold to highly durable platinum, we’ll help you decide which metal is best for you. You can choose a single metal color or combine metals for a distinctive two-tone or tri-tone style.

Personalize Down to the Last Detail

Make a statement with custom touches ensuring your engagement ring is as unique as your love story. Beyond designing the actual ring, there are a number of ways to add personalized touches. From a discreet engraving inside the band to a design that pays homage to an important part of your love story, decide what kind of special touch best matches your style. 

One couple we worked with chose to incorporate music notes into the design as music was an important part of their relationship. Another couple chose to incorporate a coffee cup design for the side diamonds since they fell in love over several cups of coffee. Whatever is important to your love story, we want to bring that element to life in your ring design.

Crafting Your Ring

Once all the design elements have been decided, we’ll create a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) of your ring. This photo-realistic image will allow you to see your ring for the first time and make any alterations or adjustments. We will update the image as many times as you request before moving on to the next stage.

The next stage is a 3-D wax model that is an accurate representation of your ring. You’ll again have the opportunity to give feedback and make additional adjustments. Once this step has been approved by you, we move on to the final stage of casting your ring in metal. In this step, every detail of your instructions is carefully honored until the ring is perfect.

The Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

Your dream ring story starts at Nelson Coleman Jewelers. With a simple phone call or visit to our store or website, you can begin your custom-design experience with us today. Walk in with an idea and end up with a masterpiece. Visit us in Frederick or schedule an in-store appointment to start crafting your dream ring today.

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