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Article by Karen Kwong

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What makes better gift than soap, especially right now?! It's the perfect no waste gift. It is even more perfect when they are handcrafted with pleasant scents, rustic and charming designs, and without all the harsh chemicals.

Above: Seasonal "It's Fall Y'all" in Bright & Farmhouse Soap Jar and "Farm Fresh Pumpkins" in Bright & Farmhouse Soap Jar

I first discovered Rustic Charm Soapery on Alignable - a small business networking site. The first impression their products left with me is - "delicious"! I know that is an interesting word to describe soap. I feel that I could actually smell the scents by just looking at those gorgeous designs and fine texture. I therefore reached out to their owner Jill to learn more about the business.

Above: Jillian Jacob, Owner of Rustic Charm Soapery

I've always felt that I needed to have some type of creative outlet - turning it into a business wasn't even on my radar until I found myself having to leave my full time "adult job" after 15+ years to become a stay at home mom. I've always loved planning parties and making favors, and I equally love fun and scented bath products - specifically for each season - I love all things holiday - EVERY holiday, so when I started researching soap making - I definitely felt "hey this is right up my alley" ... soap favors and fun bath products! ... which evolved into our seasonal soap jars, scrubs, soaks, gift-sets ... and hopefully now that we're headed back into that direction (post COVID) .... favors for event gatherings (weddings, showers, corporate events, etc) - Jill

The goal at Rustic Charm Soapery is to make fun, charming bath products for people to use or to give as gifts - inexpensive, decorative gifts. Jill really loves designing the products around each season. The whole process - picking out colors, scents and labels that she thinks people would enjoy to give or receive is very rewarding.

I love being able to make someone happy by designing a favor for their wedding or birthday party .. or a gift. - Jill

Their Fall collection is lovely! Apple Sage - Harvest Sangria - Pumpkin Spice - Vanilla Espresso - Pumpkin Coconut Cream - Oatmeal Milk n Honey - Fireside - Autumn Wreath - Witches Brew: all warm comforting scents that bring you right to the heart of Fall! Apple Picking, Hayrides, Bonfires, Pumpkin Picking, Fallen Leaves, Cozy Nights, Trick-or-Treating! By the way, my family voted Apple Sage to be our favorite scent.

Scent is one of the most powerful of our five senses - smelling a fragrance can trigger a treasured memory and provoke enjoyable thoughts and I think we've done that with this collection. - Jill

How many times have you received a gift or a favor from a party or event that you've either a) re-gifted or b) let sit in a drawer collecting dust. What I like about Rustic Charm Soapery's products is that their soap jars serve a dual purpose - it's soap, so you're using it to wash up and it gives a bit of decorative touch to your kitchen or bathroom decor. They offer 6 seasonal soap jars, with their Blank n White Farmhouse Collection becoming a quick hot seller.

Above: Witches Brew seasonal soap jar, hot seller seasonal Black n White Farmhouse Collection soap jar, Candy Corn seasonal soap jar

My favorite is their sugar whipped soaps. They are a bestseller and a little does go a long way. Jill recommends using a shower pouf or washcloth, take a small amount, place on the pouf and lather away. They have rich creamy texture with sugar for gentle exfoliation - perfect product as it cleanses, moisturizes, and exfoliates all in one. Jill also recommends leaving a jar near your kitchen sink as it works wonders on your hands as well! Their foot soaks (Rustic Charm Soapery markets their bath salts as foot soaks simply because not everyone has a tub at home. But you can certainly use them as an all over body soak as well) can be used by filling up a basin or tub and scooping 2 tablespoons of the salts in the water. Place your feet (or body) into the water .... and relax! These fragrant salts help to soothe and soften your skin while you can just sit and enjoy!

Inspired by my recent Instagram posts with a couple at a sunflower field, Jill added these sunflower soap jars to her Fall collection. These sunflower soap jars add a beautiful touch of early Fall to your kitchen or bathroom decor. Each sealed mason jar contains 7 oz of hand painted soaps scented with Autumn Wreath fragrance, finished off with a buffalo check ribbon and twine - these charming jars make the perfect gift to give or receive this Fall.

Rustic Charm Soapery's products make terrific gifts in so many situations: thank you gifts, hostess gifts, teachers gifts, realtor gifts (given to new homeowners), get well gift, congratulations, new moms - their products seriously can be used in every type of gift giving situation - there's something for everyone. You can visit their website, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and shop their Etsy storefront. For any questions, you can reach them through email: info@rusticcharmsoapery.com

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