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12 Essential Oils to Use for Your Health


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Long before Western, modern medicine, people were using herbs to treat wounds, headaches and other ailments. If you are someone who tries to limit how much medicine you ingest and make your liver process, you have probably looked into topical treatments you can use for healing instead of taking an oral painkiller.

Essential oils are great for topical use (please don't ingest them unless prescribed by a doctor!), and can be extremely powerful. You'll have to look at the brand you choose and see if the oil is safe to put directly on your skin or if you'll need to mix it with a carrier oil.

If your brand is a pure oil (most effective!) you will want to use coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil or some other mild carrier oil with just a few drops of the essential oil and spread it over the area you are treating.

Here are 12 different healing essential oils you should try.

1. Arnica

Uses: Inflammation + Bruising

2. Black Pepper

Uses: Pain

3. Cedarwood

Uses: Acne, Eczema + Dandruff

4. Clove

Uses: Pain

5. Frankincense

Uses: Oral Health

6. Helichrysum

Uses: Athletes Foot, Acne + Psoriasis

7. Hyssop

Uses: Inflammation + Scarring

8. Lavender

Uses: Headaches + Bug Bites

9. Peppermint

Uses: Sunburns, Bug Bites + Poisonous Plants

10. Roman Chamomile

Uses: Inflammation + Eczema

11. Rose

Uses: Acne

12. Vetiver

Uses: Scars


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