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LED Lights Path  Back Onstage


Article by Shasta Ockerberg

Photography by Steve Smith Photography + Provided

It's been many empty months since any stage has held an event, but that hasn't stopped artists from finding alternative ways to perfrom. And after congregating in small numbers and remaining patient, the curtain is finally opening for this Boise-based dance group.

LED returns to the Morrison Center on October 23, 2021 for their premiere of Silver City, a tale following a lone cowboy in his pursuit for prosperity, while chaos arises for a group of misfits stuck in a saloon. Using historical references for a fictional story, this melodrama creates a world where the stakes are high and the results are unexpected.

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LED is an award-winning arts organization that weaves signature contemporary choreography, original musical compositions, and elements of film into thought-provoking narratives and inspiring stories. With new groundbreaking innovations and breakthroughs, LED serves as a playground for artistic expression - a cultural and creative center, a dance company, a musical project, and a film studio.

Founded in 2015 and proudly based in Boise, Idaho, The organization was founded in 2015 by husband and wife co-founders, Lauren Edson and Andrew Stensaas. Lauren and Andrew are involved in the creative production of each artistic work, building each idea from the ground up, and relying on a network of artists, dancers, musicians, designers, and technicians to create each piece.  

Presale starts on August 23, 2021. Fans can get the presale code by signing up for the LED Newsletter. Public sale starts September 6, 2021.