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13 Stripes and 50 Stars

1350 Distilling: Spirits, Community + the Military

What do you get when two teachers, a veteran and a marketing professional walk into a bar?

You get some award-winning spirits.

Abbie Weien and Kandis Bragg met when they worked together at a Douglas County elementary school. Their kids knew each other, as well, and pretty soon the families were spending more time together. Kandis’ husband, Phil, talked about how he wanted to start a distillery after retiring from the Marines and Abbie’s husband Jake cheered him on.

Military Connections

There were classes, tastings, touring different facilities and tons of research. Each of the four adults had family members who served in the military and despite different upbringings and political views, they could always find commonality in the 13 stripes and the 50 stars.

Just like that, 1350 Distilling was born.

They knew they wanted each branch of the military to be represented in their product and they wanted to source as much as possible either locally or American made. There was a space available on the eastern side of Downtown Colorado Springs, so they started creating their tasting room and distillery.

Craft Cocktails + Various Spirits

Their one-of-a-kind, American-made copper steam-injection still is on display from the tasting room. The bar-back and the custom copper bar top was made by hand, as well. The ingredients in a tasting room have to all be created by the distillery and that lends itself to some unique craft cocktails with all sorts of spirits that are a specialty treat without being pretentious.

Unlike other distilleries in the area, 1350 Distilling dabbles in almost all spirits including vodka, gin, whiskey and rum. They have infusions of their spirits in-house and specific cocktails made from them. The most recent addition is an in-house bitters line that will soon be launched to the public for purchase.

Giving Back

Community is important to the 1350 Distilling owners. They started the company with the pledge of giving back to local military, veteran, children, and family non-profits, and donate ten percent of each bottle sold from the tasting room. Additionally, they adopt a non-profit each quarter to promote. Follow 1350 on Facebook, Instagram or on their website to see how you can get involved or support these causes.  

Patrons are invited to come in, take a tour, sample a flight, enjoy the cocktail of the month or play some shuffleboard. There are regular classes and events offered in the space for patrons. Makers classes, an annual Christkindl market during the holidays and a Dude Fair right before Father’s Day to give you the chance to get dad that perfect gift for his special day.

Facebook + Instagram: @1350Distilling