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15 DIY Birdhouse Plans + Ideas

Learn How to Make a DIY Birdhouse

Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

Did you ever dream as a kid of being like Cinderella, Aurora or Snow White and having birds visit you every morning? Well, now you can live out that dream and even provide it to your own little Disney princesses in your home by making a birdhouse! You can either make a luxurious house with intense detail or leave it up to your kids to be creative and make it their own. The Spruce Crafts put together 15 DIY Birdhouse Plans and Ideas to give you some inspiration. Have fun, and enjoy your new bird friends in your yard!

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Birdwatching is a favorite pastime for many. In fact, you might find yourself enjoying your chirping friends so much, that what started as one birdhouse in your yard might quickly multiply into half a dozen birdhouses. Unfortunately, pre-made birdhouses can get expensive. These DIY birdhouses are fun to make, and they'll save you a few dollars, which you can opt to spend on some birdseed for a bird feeder or two.

Repurpose an Old Teapot and Drawer

By combining an old teapot with a drawer, this blogger created a whimsical birdhouse ready for some nesting. First, she hung the pot from twine using the drawer handle holes. Next, she glued the thrifted teapot to the back of the drawer. Finally, she glued the top of the teapot to the bottom of the drawer to act as a landing perch. 

Decoupage a Birdhouse for a Decor Piece

If you live in an apartment and have no option to put up a birdhouse on your property, this is a great project to tackle. Birdhouses look great as home decor on bookshelves, in nurseries or wherever your heart desires. If you wanted to use this birdhouse outdoors, just be sure to seal the paper using a clear acrylic sealer. 

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